Not bad for a FIAT

Discussion in '1951 Schick/Alfa Romeo 8C 2300' started by Cam1, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Sweet and cheap!<!-- Signature -->
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    ma che cazzo stai dicendo.<!-- Signature -->
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    WHAT???<!-- Signature -->
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    huh?<!-- Signature -->
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    sure is<!-- Signature -->
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    If you want to know what "berchetta" stands for... Its "little boat" in italian. <!-- Signature -->
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    I wanted to buy one as my first car , but the VW dealer that had it to sell used wanted 9000 euros for a 1996 version....
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    sweet? please, this thing only has 129.9 bhp, zo reconsider your remarks. It's a 1995, so no excuse for it.
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    Oh yeah, only 129 HP... my car's a '91 Fiat Panda, and I love it! My own little supercar is Ferrari-red, and a two-seater too (since the backseat is too small to do anything usefull on, lol) 44 HP commin' at ya! Well ok, that doesn't sound much like a supercar eh? The only real good thing 'bout the car is its engine, I like it, 999cc, 44 HP it does an easy 50 Mpg with my driving style, 55 Mpg when my mom drives it. :D ...awesome eh?

    I want to replace the engine though with something a bit more power. No, I'm not gonna buy another car, as far as I know there ain't a lot of tuned Panda's around, and I want to have the most bad-ass Panda around. (ok, real reason: Ain't got no money for a REAL car)
    Was thinking 'bout the Fiat Uno's 1.3l or 1.4l turbo engines, would be nice to go from 44 to 113/131 HP. Anybody here got more info 'bout Panda engine swaps? It has been done in other cars, but don't know 'bout the good ol' Panda.

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    i just cant like a F-ix I-t A-gain T-ony
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    never thought id see the day, a fiat on this site!
    Attempt at
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    And what is wrong with a Fiat being on this site? I have been pestering Owen (with no replies yet) to at least include some of Fiat's true past supercars.. the Fiat Dino's and the 124 and 131 Abarth deserve to be here..

    After all.. we have regular MGB and BGTs here.. why not some of the stylish and rally winning cars?
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    Yes, but I am dead sure the only Fix-It-Again-Tony that belongs here is the 131 Abarth rally car.
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    And why not the 124 Abarth? The only car that was able to beat the spider was the Stratos.. and that beat EVERYTHING!

    How about it Owen? A 124 Abarth?
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    no deadlocks? and why does an alarm not come as standard.
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    Hey... This isn't a supercar, but it's a pretty decent daily driver!
  17. It looks incredibly nice!
  18. It lookd incredebly nice!

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