not bad, not bad at all...

Discussion in '2005 Steeda Mustang Street Concept Q' started by Ford rulez, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. Well, suffice it to say I don't like Mustangs, they're not bad cars, but not great either, especially not for anything other than going in a straight line pseudo-fast. SVT Cobra is pretty fast, but the rest are only kind of fast. The main reason I hate them is the overhyped teenybopper boyband stereotypes who think this car is indomitable, when really the Mustang GT has never really been any more a supercar than the Civic Type-R.

    Anyway, I like this, It's got a good look going (modernized 60's Stang look - I do like the 60's Stangs, though they're far too overrated, NOT ONE EVER had 600hp from the factory Doug! - mixed with current racing optimized trends), clean, menacing, not overdone like so many ryced out vehicles, and the ryce-like mods on it are quite functional (and therefore not ryce) I'm sure. I can see how someone might see this as ryce though.

    It'd be nice to see some power and torque figures.

    and it's still too heavy.


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