not crappy as you say, i like it

Discussion in '2000 Saker SV1' started by chafu, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. I agree, the car is actually very bad ass. I know it is hard to explain what I'm saying but when you look at all these awesome cars on this page it is very easy to be selective of what you like and dislike when the reality is that all the cars are pretty awesome. I actually own one of these. It's actually the only street legal version in the US as there are 3 other race versions here. I'm just about done with the engine swap. I took out the 4L Lexus V8 and I'm putting a custom LS1 I built with around 550hp. Granted this car is not as cool as an Enzo or Maserati MC but it is a bad ass car that you will never see around. It is crazy fast and will out handle almost anything. The chassis is very well constructed, it is very stiff and extremely light. The suspension setup is top notch and performs very well. On the track the thing is so easy to drive and man is it fast. I can't wait to feel what 550hp in a 2000 pound car feels like. It should be faster then the 750hp Supra I used to own and that was actually scary to drive when you got on it. Anyway, the car also looks a million times better in person. The pictures on this site really make the car ugly so I can see why everyone says they don't like it. Much like the pictures of the original Viper RT-10, they look like crap in many pictures but in person the car is very nice. The Enzo was the same. In fact I didn't like the Enzo at all until I saw it in person and now I think it is extremely beautiful.

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