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  1. ...that's what you might think when reading 455hp these times... I wonder how many of those overcharged cars would last in Le Mans.
  2. I don't really think it isn't enough, this car is quit light..I also don't think this is really good car, lots of pleasure without lots of HP's though
  3. The power is more than enough . . .the power to weight ratio is excelent. . .this car is lighter than any porsche, with more power than all but the Turbo S (X50), 997 turbo, CGT and GT2. It is plenty.

    The car has 25 less horsepower than the 997 turbo. . .and yet weighs almost 1000lbs less.
  4. Its light and fun, it would kill a porsche 911
  5. it would not beat the turbo, it would be close between the gt3 and this
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  7. not enough hp? its hits 60mph in less than 3.5 seconds! wat more do u want?
  8. not enough hp? its hits 60mph in less than 3.5 seconds! wat more do u want?
  9. Hmmh, who are you talking to? I have not seen anyone who thinks it's not enough. All I said is that many supercars have such exorbitant hp, this might seem not enough. There is some difference between the headline and my statement, if you failed to notice.
  10. I think the new turbo is a good comparison performance wise. . .maybe not in a drag race, but around the track. The M400 absolutely destroyed the 996 gt3 and turbo.
  11. Theres plenty of horsepower. why? because like most people you went straight for the horsepower, forgeting about the rest of the car. the power is more than enough, becuase it weighs little over a tonne.
  12. This is more than enough power. I'd love to see any of you drive a NSX-Type R or Elise to it's full potential. Those are both relatively light weight cars with what people call "low HP". The joys of lower HP is higher revving. Most of the time you don't even get to use most of those HP on a good twisty course unless you intend to melt tires.

    I love the NSX...keep in highrevs and just kiss the apexes on 2nd gear...keep it redlined..then exit corner..power..shift..power.....see the next tight corner..feather brake..clutch...blip throttle..down shift.....use the engine braking and slight brake modulation...keep the revs up..dive into apex..power out. It's intoxicatingly fun =P

    I've driven the Z06..and it's tons of fun..gobs of power..but I don't feel as connected or happy when driving it. I feel like I need to try hard to control it and drive to it's potential..while with the's like you and the car have a psychic link.

    Lower HP and light weight does not mean no fun. Nobles have always been bout handling..not HP. Take a look @ the M400. Not much power...but tons of grip.
  13. not so sure I agree with there being a lack of power, I'd say 455 is actually a little rediculous.. haha, this car has powers for days, if only they would have put it in a package that actually stood out from the crowd.
  14. Man, this sight has some morons. Not enough hp? The R10 is a little low on hp and we all know how it's suffering terribly at Le Mans.

    It's torque that drives acceleration, hp is top speed and power to weight it more important that peak out put.
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  17. "i have not seen anyone who thinks its not enough"


    anyways. i think this is great for a car that when you buy it, it comes in a box with the words, some assembly required printed on it lol
  18. I come here for a laugh.
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    Listen, Nobles have never been about outright power, they are made to go round bends very fast. And believe me my dad got to testdrive one of these, it is bloody good. btw here is a good link on youtube enjoy
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    DON'T WORRY HORSEPOWER WHORES! The new version of the M15 is rumored to be getting 500hp:

    If it's this fast already, the 500hp one should be a rocket. Even though it may not look or sound as good as a GT3, it's faster around any good handling circuit (better handling and straight-line performance) and also a much more practical everyday driver. This is the first Noble that's a real everyday driver and not just a track toy. WANT PROOF? Take a look at this Top Gear review:

    Much love to all supercar fans!
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