Not that amazing

Discussion in '2001 Qvale Mangusta' started by xero890, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. I have seen A LOT of these, at car shows and driving around. For $82,000 I would expect more.
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    I agree, shouldn't have the Ford motor in such a pricy exotic.
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    The reason for putting a Ford engine in a pricey exotic is because Ford is worthy of it. Put a Windsor 351 V8 in it.
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    You would expect more for the price.
  5. It looks bad from this angle. They only thing I have a real issue with is the lights. It looks sad.
  6. $82,000 for a mustang gt... HA!!
  7. $82,000 for a mustang gt... HA!!
  8. $82,000 for a mustang gt... HA!!
  9. post pics of your bimmer
  10. The Windsor is way overrated. Besides, it would be too heavy for this car's own good.

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