nothing but a piece of crap

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  1. nothing special here, vs with spoiler and a v8. yawn .
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    yes, like they say: nothing but taxi with a spoiler.....
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    Its a fair bit quicker than the average taxi and how many taxis have v8's?
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    who cares, they're all ova da place and thats da bottom line
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    who cares, they're all ova da place and thats da bottom line
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    who cares, they're all ova da place and thats da bottom line
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    who cares, they're all ova da place and thats da bottom line
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    well this holden aint all ova the place actually, fairly rare in brissie, only ever seen 1 of them
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    really? i've seen quite a few since the start of this month
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    notice how ford australia hasnt made a 300KW car unlike holden wich has had them for more than four years
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    Ford dont need to cause ford know power isnt the only factor affecting performance in a car.
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    Yeah, things like being very heavy have also big effect on the car.
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    nice statement. wait till the gtho comes out or maybe the falcon 330+? actuallly thats out so wot u on about saying fords dont have 300 kw. who cares about how much power its how fast it goes. a lotus elise would smoke this
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    And how much power does the GT have? 290kw? For the price of a clubsport? Hmm..
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    and it looks a shitload betta
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    Holden and ford are both crap. But I would have to say holden is better. Ford have been making shit boxes for almost 100 years.Ford are way one or two step behind holden.A truck can put out over 290 kw it doesn't make it good becuase it's so #$%#in heavy just like the gt. What's bigger a GT or HSV GTS. If you answer the GT you could win master of the obvious award.It engine has iron casting in it for christ sakes.

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    yes you know aht your talking about. #$%#en loser. ford are one step behind holden? care to say why ? oh and to the remark dissing ford making shit boxes for 100 years. if it werent for ford the car industry would not be this far. FAG
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    I can shed some light on what he is talking about. Ford is ALWAYS behind Holden, with the exception of their new 6cyl engine (which Holden will be meeting or bettering in the VZ)

    Look at all the things Holden have introduced before Ford.

    1) Drivers, passengers and side impact airbags
    2) ABS
    3) IRS
    4) Lap/Sash seatbelt in middle rear seat
    5) Active Head Restraints

    Now look at engine output.

    1) Holden get 210kw from VN SS Group A in 1989, Ford better this by ONLY 10kw in the AU3 XR8 in 2002, 13 years later (nothing to be proud of)

    2) Holden get 230kw from the 5.7L stroker engine in 1997. Ford only beat this by 20kw in 2002 in the T series(for those Ford fans who can't add, thats 5 years later)

    3) Holden run engines with 220kw in every base line V8 as of 1999. Ford have only just done this now - where Holdens lowest spec V8 is now 235kw.

    4) HSV have 300kw as of 1999 in VT II GTS, Ford to this day still have not beaten this.

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    hmm, the clubsport r8 vs the ford gt in a wheels magazine i saw recently

    clubby is faster, even with less power & tork.
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    Quite living in the past pal.

    I dont see Holden selling 290kw quad cam V8's with shit load of tourque for 59K. I dont see Holden building 182kw sedans for 32 grand either. Holdens crappy s/c version makes nothing compared to the base model 182 let aloan the 240T engine.

    Ford up untill last year was building hand built V8's. See we actually build our own engines, we dont bludge of Daddy in America we use a little Aussie know how.
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    No, this goes from the past right up till today.

    Holden do not need 290kw quad cam V8's as for one, Holdens are way lighter and do not need the piss all power and torque Ford has, which is well offset by the weight.

    Your beloved 59K car (the Falcon GT) I take it, gets well belted by the Clubsport R8 in that it costs 1 grand less, and has more features (wow what a suprise) than the GT Falcon. For example, Climate control and a leather interior, both of which are $2000 options for the Falcon. The Clubsport also has a 4 channel ABS system as opposed to 3, this is much safer, as are the ventilated rear disc brakes compared with the GT's solids.

    Again with 6cyl engines, the power and torque is not needed. Yes the Ford is slightly faster (from about 60-80 clicks onwards, how useful).

    Do keep in mind you import V8's as Holden do. And I wouldn't call hiring ex Volvo staff to do designs (ie suspension) Aussie know how.
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    "Piss all power and torque"? Considering the GT makes more kw at the treads than the GTS and has 10kw less at the fly wheel i think our statement is really wrong.

    What the GT lacks in interior anmenties it makes up for in quality and refinement. When you by the GT you ARE buying a better overall car, speed isn't all what these cars about and the Clubby doesn't even dominate in that it gets thrashed over the 1/4 by the GT.

    That is the most stupid thing i have ever heard in my life comming from you. (from about 60-80 clicks onwards, how useful) have you not heard of over taking on free ways or in general, this is when you need the power the most i'd rather have a XT to over take a semi trailer then a executive.

    How is importing some engine parts make your engine imported when most parts are fabricated and put togeather on an assemble line in Melbourne?
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    There has been 1 dyno test with GTS against a GT, it gave the 'huge' difference of 3kw. There was differences of more than 3kw across HSV models, let alone the variances the GT will also have. Hardly accurate.

    You aren't buying the better car with the GT because the quality and refinement is so similar due to similar companies/price and aims its inmeasurable. What CAN be measured though obviously is price and featues, which Holden and HSV cane Ford with across the range. The Clubbie doesn't get thrased by the GT. They have been both timed together on 2 occasions, the first where (if you dont remember) the Clubbie beat the GT.

    It is as good as having an imported engine, you don't have to be a scientist to assemble an engine. All the hard work has been done overseas to start with.
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    3kw is quite a difference when the engine is already 10kw less powerful at the crank. All this is displaying is the crappy GTS drive train.

    Quality and refinement can be measured just look at the interior of the GT then the Clubsport the cohesiveness and quality of materials shows this. Holden and HSV do no cane Ford and FPV across the range look at the FPV GT-P vs Clubsport R8 you by a much better package over all on the GT-P gun brakes and very good options along with a much more powerful engine and better gear box's this is much the case all over the range. You pay for the "little" extra and get a much better car.

    And much work was put into the BOSS engines; many parts were prefabricated and created. I'd like to see any old person create the only V8 engine assembly line in Australia which Ford happens to do.

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