Now heres an example of REAL sports car

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    No, not everything. Maybe it has all of the performance figures i could want, but not everything. Try refinement. Comfort. Reliability. I want lots outta my car, and this has much of what i want, but what i dont want is headaches. Like headaches from the jerks of riding on the road and headaches from having to fix it every month. Dont get me wrong, this is an incredible peice of machinary, but dont go and say it has everything. Thats just goin too far.
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    "headaches from having to fix it every month"

    The 800tt, From Hennessey, comes with a 3year, 36,000mile warranty.

    "dont go and say it has everything. Thats just goin too far."

    I agree, it doesn't have Everything, but it does have Every performance aspect you'd want.

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    Im sorry to tell you but your wrong. I have to admit having a car like this in my garaga would be a dream. This is trully an example of american muscle not a "REAL sports car." Before you starte like this go compare it to the Handling,Accel.,Top Speed,Braking,a few other interesting stuff and the price to a supercar. Thats how you will get the best idea of how it compare's.
    All I can say is...Nice job, Pure American Muscle....
    By the way I Live in Canada....
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    Look through this Forum, you'll find Many comparison threads (where the 800tt comes out on top) and things like Handling, accel, braking are compared there.
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    I doubt thats been tested Password...If you've got a decent article on it, then ill believe you... But someone could have pulled those figures out of their ass for all i know.

    Phanomuzic, the elise has a toyota motor, out of the celica. Not integra type R...

    And if you really think about it, they arent even getting the full potential out of the 8 liters. So dont give me this import BS. If you can get 1000+ HP from a 3 liter supra engine, then you can sure as hell get much more from 8 liters. I think top fuel dragsters are running less than that in engine size. And they pull 6000+ hp... And the only reason Vipers arent the king of the 1/4 is because of the Independant rear suspention... If they had straight axel, they'd be hitting low 9's with ease. Its hard to get the power down. Thats why my 370 HP mustang can run 12's... And thats with street tires and stock 89 gearing...

    But if your doing all this for a price, i can get my 500 dollar 89 CRX an Integra GSR engine, throw that in there for about 3k and be running 13's all day on a stock engine. My cousin has one to prove it. All that for 3500 bucks... Drop in a 600 dollar nitrous kit and run low 12's, maybe break 11's. I know of someone with a built B16 that runs mid 11's. No forced induction, or nitrous...
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    have any of u evr heard of something called a hemi. cause i have anfd i know that a 426 hemi with just ur everday blower can put out close to 750 hp and u need top of the line replacment parts on everyhting for you civic to make 400 hp
  8. T/F Drags are running nitromethane fuel, quit making it seem like the 800TT engine is inferior.........

    This car is a perfect example of moderate tuning to make a world-class supercar even better. Whether you like it or not, this car rips, and will whoop a lot of cars, and bow to few.
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