now that's a crossfire!

Discussion in '2005 Startech Crossfire V8 6.1' started by Alfa 147 GTA, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. Finally crossfire gets the engine matching it's looks. SRT-6's engine was good try but this...this hits the bulls eye! Only thing to complain is tranny. It should be ordered in law that car wich goes over 140 mph must have 6 speed manual or better.
  2. yes, the topic is right, what a crossfire! I hope it makes it to the states, but alas, who would want to shell out $137k for a Crossfire. OR a Chrysler for that matter. Don't get me wrong, I like the Crossfire, but that is waaaaay to much to spend on that car. I would think that $70 to $85k would be a good price range, considering the cost of the SRT-6 coupe.
  3. Price is subjective on a topic like passion and speed.
  4. I just dont understand why Chrysler didn't drop in the 5.7 or their own 6.1. It would have generated the same power (the 6.1) and probably would have cost less than having a tuner do it. The SRT-6 is nice, but the Crossfire deserves a production V8.
  5. I would want to see HEMI V8 in this. That way it would be lot cheaper with similar power (if tuned a little bit) than Startechs version..

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