now THIS is a powerful rifle...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by FerrariAKL, May 8, 2006.

  1. A .50 BMG still has more muzzle energy...
  2. I guess their target consumer is a poacher or something. Killing animals other than for food is really lame imo.
  3. I want a Barret M82A1 someday... but they cost $8,000.
  4. Seriously, I couldn't kill an animal like that unless I had to. A .50 Cal can be awesome for long range target shooting, but this is just stupid.
  5. Anti-armor rounds don't do well against soft targets? WTF?
  7. Who the #$%# shoots an Elephant?
  8. ok this is the craziest bullets ive seen.

    on the right is a .50 BMG, but hold it, never mind 700 nitro express, look at this .950 JDJ!!! WTF
  9. A licensed hunter with a permit issued by the government of the host country.

    In some countries, elephants are quite numerous, and thus the government will issue several tags per season. It costs about 5-15 grand per tag, and you only get one, and they only issue a handful in a season.
  10. No, I mean like - Use your bare hands or something.
  11. I use a stapler, personally.
  12. ive fired a 50 cal machine gun, was bad-ass
  13. I have fired with a barrett 5 years ago in germany, it has the same recoil than a 12 gauge pump gun.
    Now some intersting pics about very big bore calibers.You wil lrarely see people using the 700NE,500NE,505 gibbs and other such big bore galibres because they are very expensive ammo to built, the recoil is huge and barely controlable and they are only found in very rare and expensive hunting rifles. The most common african big game cartrdiges are the 458 lott, 458 winchester magnum, 460 weatherby magnum, 378 weatherbuy magnum, 375 holland and holland magnum, 470 capstick, 458 krasowski and 416 rigby magnum because they are long time proven cartridge easy to buy and don't pose many problems for the shooter.

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