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Discussion in '2002 Pontiac Bonneville G/XP' started by CadillacMan03, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. That design is far better than bonnevilles right now, however this sucks, needs 350hp, 5-speed manual V8, and then you got a winner!!
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    With 270 HP and 19" wheels and other minor tweaks, this car zips past the HOT Lexus IS 300 and distinctive Chrysler 300M with performance to spare. With HP in the 300 range and a beefed up suspension, 5-spd, a V-8 say from an Olds Aurora, and why not try to round out the package with a solid AWD system. Slap a sticker price of around $35,000U.S. and Waa Laaa!!! You'd have yourself a Badass Bonnie =D I'd buy one, no questions asked. Now if Chevy could only pull something outta their trunks :( I'm glad to see that we Americans are finally attempting to challenge the import market in all aspects. I'm not gonna bash, so don't stop reading now. Yes, the import market is kickin' our asses all over the tuning map. I'm simply happy to see us Americans TRYING different things, FINALLY. Who knows, maybe someday the US will be able to make the imports sweat a lil' bit ;-) 'Til then, we dream =oP

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    good for you, but now I get to say I think, I think that you really are not American, this is bs, no American tells lies about their own country, and says their american every two sentences!!
    Well anyways it's defineatly a better design than before!! Sleaker!!

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    The thing this car is going to lack greatly is interior class. On an interior Egronomic scale I bet it will do great! (pontiacs always does well for egronomics, but for fit and finish always does shitty.)

    To recap interior design layout I assume will be very GOOD
    Interior looks and feel very very bad. My guess

    And it does look like a holden!

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