NSX really nice car

Discussion in '2002 Honda NSX Coupe' started by bob777, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. hey this car kicks;_
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    Really surprising
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    Youre name is Cobra buddy a 2003 Cobra goes 0-60 in 4.5 this thing is 95,000 and its 0-60 is 5.7 Hell thats the same as a Mustang GT.

    The NSX is the wosrt value on a car and possilby the worst car ever made
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    go read the other post. your info is all wrong and it is starting to get really annoying.
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    That's why the NSX will outrun any #$%#ing mustangs around a track right? Anyone can make a cheap muscle car that can't turn with a crappy and loose body.
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    man, i love american cars, but this thing is just sweeeeet!! better looks, better turning, i herd that the hp is underrated: it is supposed to be 350 in actuality, which would mean this could run a 1/4 mile in around 12.8! Im not sure if that is true though.
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    NSX is the f*****g UGLIEST car ever built, the performance sucks
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    This car is not about raw power; it's pretty much the opposite. It's got great handling, good aerodynamics, and enough hp to get the job done better than most. Personally i like the old styling better, but his is not bad at all. And I really doubt the 0-60 time here, considering that the old NSX did it in the low 5's I wouldn't be surprised if this made it in the high 4's Hi Kobus.
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    yea it sucks, but at least it's faster than any stock mustang.
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    You're the Dumest male slut, no the dumbest idiot I ever knew.

    Try 4.4 0-100km/h dumbass (NSX-R).

    LOL, this car was built to be perfectly balanced in all aspects of performance, in other words to be the perfect production, street legal track car, NOT straightline acceleration, and yet it's faster than a car with more than 1/4 more power that was designed specifically for straightline acceleration......Man, Ford is W-E-A-K.

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    NSX really nice car

    The NSX is as fast as a 911Turbo. True, 0-60 is a whimpy 5.7 seconds . But believe me, as soon as the NSX gets over 60mph, it is unstoppable. This is because of it's VTEC engine, and impressive drag coefficience of just 0.30 it can thrash almost anything. Easily a match for the TVR Tuscan or the 911Turbo. Fact.

    "To be is not to not to be, and To not be is to be"
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    4.4 for the new NSX-R
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    Yeah its more like 4.4. Wow, its sad to see how many people blindly trust this sites often mistyped numbers so wholeheartedly. Maybe you just use it to try and make your point, which no one really cares about anyway, stronger. Mustangs aren't NSX material.
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    Nah it's not as fast as the 911 Turbo but the Nsx-r is. The thing that saves this car is it's handling and weight but i still think it's overrated and overpriced.
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    Considering the level of cars it outperforms or runs with, I'd consider it UNDERpriced. I also think far too many people underrate it, I mean some people are convinced that the Mustang is FASTER, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, it's not even faster in straightline acceleration which is exactly what it's designed for, while the NSX is designed for handling first, and acceleration second.

    Christ, I think the biggest reason the NSX is UNDERrated, is because people see its power, and fail to realize that the NSX (particularly the NSX-R, considering it has the same power as the NSX, but uses it better) uses its "low" power exceptionally well. So much in fact to the point that it can compete comfortably with cars that have twice as much power. How in any way then, could it possibly be overrated when 60% of car "enthusiasts" (more like people who like cars rather than know anything about them) think it's SLOW?!?!?! it just doesn't make sense.
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    UNDERPRICED. I mean really i wouldn't call any cars these days Underpriced especially this which is Overpriced. The Mustang gets slapped around by nearly everything.

    It is Overrated because people make it out to be the best car in the world. Its not. Never will be. It's got relatively good acceleration and great handling. The build quality is good and so is reliabilty. It gets belted by cars of the same price. ie. 911 Turbo, M3 CSL, Vette Z06, 360 Modena and there are more.

    It is a good car but it's not as good as most Euro cars of similar price. The car doesn't carry the same presence and style like the others i mentioned. That's not a bad thing considering those are possibly the best cars in the World. The NSX should be worth half of what it is.

    NSX is not a bad car. It's just Overpriced and OVERRATED!!!
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    Actually, the Mustang SVT Cobra beats quite a few cars in acceleration, and even around a track (believe it or not).

    Who ever made it out to be the best car in the world? It's quite possibly the best designed car in the world for the performance concepts behind it (it puts together what it has quite well, much better than virtually any other car)

    Gets belted by cars of the same price? I think not. First of all, the cars you listed are considerably higher priced (aside from the Z06 and M3).

    Second, the NSX-R beats the 911 Turbo around the track almost as often as not, the M3 can't even keep up (not even in acceleration, most certainly not in handling), the NSX-R beats the Z06 often on about half the tracks out there and regularly on your typical twisty road, and it beats both the 360 Modena and Murcielago (I threw that in because it's so close to the 360 in performance) on not-so-rare occasions.

    If by "best cars in the world" you mean the highest performance, fastest, and most exotic cars in the world, then no, they are not, the Dauer 962 LM, McLaren F1, Isdera, Enzo, etc. etc. hold that honourable distinction.

    If the NSX were not Handbuilt, and produced on a mass-production line, then yes, it would be overpriced, but then the quality would be down, in otherwords, the quality justifies the price, and the cars it outperforms and runs with, cost much more, have much more power, are not nearly as well designed, nor are they as reliable or high in build quality.

    And considering the majority of people out there think it's slower than a Mustang around a track, it is extremely UNDERRATED. TOO many people think it performs considerably worse than it actually does....the reason: they look no further than its overall bhp output.

    If you can't see that, stop being such a blind oaf.
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    Password please, about your sig, "Horsepower is everything, torque is practically meaningless", have you ever owned/needed a truck?
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    I've never owned one, but I have driven them lots, and the only thing they were good for was carrying heavy loads, towing heavy objects (once towed a 4 tonne boulder 20 meters with a Ford F450 and a 3000lb capacity cable), but they were definitely slow as hell. And that's exactly what I'm referring to in my sig, and its true, torque is practically meaningless in reference to performance, it's all a matter of how the car is designed. Torque won't do much at all for performance when you can only rev to 3000rpm.

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