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  1. Well...

    It looks exactly like a Saleen S7
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    it looks like a s7 and a xjr 15 mixed
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    Dont look like no NSX to me!
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    Why would they car if they sell well if they only make a limited few, and comon idiot its based on a corvette they didnt copy a damn NSX
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    Muahahahahahaha,that was pretty good though,The NSX looks way better than this.So in other words the NSX is "the attractive woman" and this would be his or your mom!lol
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    I'm just messing,but the NSX does look better than this.
    Atleast in my opinion.
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    This compared with an NSX, ur kidding right? This car is soo fast it puts the car it is built off of to shame! With well over 405HP on the 2002 models, this thing is a total screamer! Hell, get the Photon option done on it and uve practically got a racecar! I would much much much rather spend the extra money on this bad boy, than a sill ol NSX!
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    It's not really built off anything, but rather has the LS6 (corvette engine) and a few miscellaneous Vette parts.
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    I would rather have a NSX and just modify it.I like the way the NSX looks,the way it's marvelous V-tec engine sounds,they way it handles
    and just everything about it.I take it you have never seen any race modified NSXs before,because if you had you wouldn't call it a "sill
    ol NSX".I don't know that much about this car,but the NSX is hand built,I heard by one man(not sure),it's pretty much all alluminum
    it got high praises by Auto Publications,I don't see how any one could not like the NSX.Sure this would beat a stock NSX,but there is always room for upgrades.
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    And a stock LS6 has major room for upgrades too <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    Mosler MT900's are hand built too, by about 12 guys.
    http://www.moslerauto.com/webcam1.html if you want to watch.
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    Agreed it looks like a copy of the NSX
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    i dont understand how anyone could not like the NSX? well maybe someone cold dislike it because its over priced, because there are faster, better looking and handling cars that cost less, or maybe u dont like the nsx because it looks like its trying to be too exotic. thats how someone could not like the nsx.
    now the nsx is a great car, but not for the price.
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    It's actually not that bad in terms of price. It all comes down to manufacturing costs, and Aluminum is never cheap...
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    well the problem is, the aluminum does not give it enough performance to get an edge over its lower priced competitors,
    p.s another reason someone might not like it is that the styling has barely changed throughout its existence
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    Which lower priced competitors would those be? The Vette? Nope. The Viper? Nope. Porsche 911? Yep, and it compares quite nicely. The NSX isn't about all out performance, but is rather like a Ferrari (which are also overpriced if all you look at is performance).

    As for the styling, the Viper went through almost a decade with minor styling changes as well. Porsche has had the basic shape of the 911 for what, 40 years now? Also, the NSX will see a make over in the next year or so.
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    actually vette yes, the ZO6 smokes it, and handles better
    look up the numbers
    the 2002 vette does 12.5 in the quarter and by road and track has shown it has only 1 foot more in 60-0 and actually has less feet in over 100 stopping
    and the viper competes with the NSX and is faster, but cant handle as well, and i would take a carrera over an NSX any day
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    You misinterpreted what I said. The Vette and Viper are both faster, no doubts there, but the NSX simply does not appeal to the same people, and has completely different goals than either of those two. It's not aiming at being the fastest for the least amount of money (unlike the Viper and Vette) and is more intended to simply be a great driver's car.

    It's almost like saying the Mosler MT900 is faster than the Aston Martin Vanquish. True? Definately. Relavent? Not really.
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    Well said and for the record,even though it's weaker(in bhp/torque) I'd take a NSX over a Viper and a Vette,or over a Mosler Mt900.

    Well than again if someone offered me a NSX or Mosler,I'd take the Mosler('cause it's worth more money),sell it get my NSX and put the other $100k or so in the bank.

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