NSXR GT in the USA !!!!

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  1. 1991 Honda NSX imported from Japan. This NSX is a real right hand drive from Japan and is located in Salem Oregon. Clean Oregon title and fully registered. Full NSXR GT replica kit, including interior.
    This NSX is for sale, contact 7028082702.

    Never has the USA seen a NSX like this one. Rare is an understatement.

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  2. Real right hand drive...?

    Do people convert LHD cars to RHD in an attempt to look t0tally JDM y0?
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    The USA never got the NSX as Honda, only as Acura, so I don't think any converting has been going on in this case

    edit: oh wait, I misread your post haha
  4. Yes, about 90% of rhd Hondas are just firewall conversions. This Honda NSX is NOT a firewall conversion and is a REAL right hand drive from Japan. Thank you
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  5. I'm assuming you mean 90% of RHD Hondas in the US, because every single Japanese (and UK etc) Honda is RHD from new. lol

    Either way, that's pretty ridiculous. I can understand, say, someone in the UK converting a Lancia Delta Integrale to RHD but not someone in the US converting a Honda to RHD.
  6. Yes I meant the USA market Hondas. I agree, it's ridiculous how Honda and Acura owners swap the steering from left to right hand drive. I understand the want to be authentic and jdm but I would never do a firewall conversion. This is why we import the real deal rhd from Japan. So the Honda/Acura lovers and jdm fans have the chance and opportunity to buy/own a real jdm rhd vehicle
  7. No conversion. This is a real right hand drive Honda nsx imported from Japan personally.
  8. Yeah or they spend 10k over value to import it so they can have an awkward time driving just to be JDM. :rolleyes:

  9. That is what jdm fans with money do. Spending the extra money to have an exclusive one of one true jdm vehicle is worth it to them. We don't roll eyes to car fans. We appreciate and enjoy all cars and all car lovers. Anybody with money can buy a Acura NSX, you can choose from over 2000 of them, anybody with money can buy a Lamborghini or Ferrari, you will have 5000+ to choose from. These imported cars are all very rare and hard to buy. The NSX is even more rare with only one being for sale in the entire USA at any given time. Even with the market being flooded with R32 GTR skyline, still olnly maybe 100 to choose from to buy. The exclusivity of these jdm cars are what make them worth the extra money and make them a fan favorite.

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