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  1. I can't believe they're going to call it that. If this is such a big deal to Cheverolet they should call it the Cobalt, regardless of whether that names exists outside our borders or not.
  2. It's a name Deawoo gave to a model. Could be it. I don't know really.
  3. Yeah, it is a Daewoo Nubira.
  4. It's a Daewoo Nubira... why call it Cobalt? it isn't....
  5. I really dont think that it is a good idea for Chevrolet to attach itself to Daewoo like this... Daewoo is not well liked throughout much of the world... It would have been better for them to just roll out with the cobalt and use the ECOTEC Turbos instead of the ECOTEC S/C they sell in the States...
  6. I agree that using Daewoo is NOT a good idea. There's a very good reason that Daewo wasn't popular, QUALITY, or lack thereof. I think the reason they call it the cobalt here is that it sounds more solid than Nubira, most uninformed pigheaded americans(i am an american) would rather have something that SOUNDS good rather than checking into it first. Looking at what the Cobalt offers, its still a better choice to go for japanese or european competitors in the same class with better proven track records, at least until the cobalt/nubira makes a mark for its own.

    Side Note(I LOOOOOOOVE the commercials the produced with this and the vette, even if the new vette lacks as well)
  7. look whose talking!

    Nubira is a giant "Planet X" that some people think seeded Earth.
  8. it is actually a chevy optra (in middle east)
    chevrolet nubira doesnt sound good !!ugghh?!?!?
    it is known as a chevorlet optra
    daewoo nubira
    and suzuki (something)

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