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  1. 7.20min 2012 Nissan GT-R
  2. declared laptime, just 2s slower than 997 GT2 RS (declared too)... hahahahahahahahahaha
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    Top Speeds? lol
    I remember that Autobild top speed was just the higher telemetry data of the last circuit section.
    The 458 with 291 km/h was 4 km/h slower than SportAuto data on the trap speed.
  4. HvS on new GT-R 530hp MY11: 7'34"
    MY09's 7'26"7 is still so far <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  5. HvS: One timed flying lap, probably with VDC-R; weather? predicts 5 days of rain in Eifel region over the next 10 days. I believe 'Ring season is almost over.
    Suzuki: Thousands of flying timed laps, with VDC-off for sure. Completely dry track.

    Logic is still so far for you, mafalda. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  6. you'd be right (7s on the ring are not so much) but unfortunally (for you) we're no talking about the same car, but MY11 slower than MY09...
    Nissaln claims +44hp and a lots of improvment (setup, tyres ext ext).
    CGT claims 7.28
    HvS 7.40 cold and wet
    HvS 7.32 in winter
    Basseng 7.28

    Zonda F CS claims 7.27 (slower than GTR hahahaha)
    Basseng 7.24

    GT2 530hp claims 7.32
    HvS 7.33

    GT-R claims
    MY08 7.29
    MY09 7.26.7
    HvS 7.38 on MY09
    Bert 7.43 on MY10 (20.8Km)
    7'26"7 is a just an illusion "with you € 90K nissan you can fight against +600hp hypercar"
  7. to Guibo:
    Mafalda is saying that GT-R and its lap time limit of 7.26 is just an illusion for the comparison to +600hp hypercars

    to Mafalda:
    Guibo is saying that Suzuki's time was just obtained after thousands of laps during the over two years of test sessions.

    The two poits are correct. Because GT-R was really able of high 7.20's lap time after thousands of laps but is surely incomparable at the side of +600hp hypercars that are able of very fast NRing laps with just few professional laps.
  8. Where do you see that MY11 GT-R is slower than MY09 with same driver?

    Where did Zonda F CS claim 7:27? Are you talking about the session where they ran out of time and had fueling problems?

    GT2 claims 7:29 while running in traffic. HvS (clear track, 7:33).

    S1 was 7:38, wasn't it? That was when the 'Ring was damp in some sections. HvS in *preview* drive during the same session went 7:50
    S1/S2 hybrid (basically same S1 car but with some 2009 year revs) went 7:29.

    Bert had a passenger. Suzuki sure as hell didn't. How do you know Bert drove with VDC-off and with same style as Suzuki? Do you have video?
  9. I'm also saying Suzuki's driving style is a huge part of the GT-R's times. No other Nissan driver can duplicate it. Not even Dirk Schoysmann, apparently, who has 15000+ 'Ring laps.

    The GT-R's performance at relatively tight Bedford Autodrome shows it can lap very close to the CGT. Bedford is mostly flat, doesn't have the bumps and cambers where the GT-R can excel. With tight corners, braking zones are more intense than flowing 'Ring. I believe the 'Ring is also a bit higher in elevation, so there will be some power loss for the CGT as well. Still 600+ hp? Maybe not. CGT also has razor's edge handling, not forgiving. Combine that with very low ride height, very stiff setup (cutting curbs? Probably not too much like GT-R can), plus Suzuki's banzai approach and you can see how the GT-R can do well here.

    We already know GT-R can compare to 800+ hp Koenigsegg on the 'Ring, don't we?
  10. To mafalda and F40 Le Mans:
    Have either of you ever driven a lap on the 'Ring? What were your times, and in which vehicles? Do you consider yourself to be a higher authority than someone who races on the Nordschleife and runs a driving instruction school there?
  11. Suzuki's times were great times, great laps and definitely the very limit of the car over the conditions. And this is great.
    But, Basseng's time were just came out with just few laps. With long tryining sessions even Marc Basseng was surely able to improve his lap time with 600+ hp cars like MC12, Zonda, CGT or the Enzo.

    BTW I think the CGT was not really good lap time at Bedford Autodrome looking some other cars (like some Lambos), and the 800+ hp Koenigsegg is not a great example of superb handling car. Anyway Basseng was able of 7.33 with just few laps with this car and this is not so bad looking the other driver lap times in the approach with the GT-R and just few laps. Ok,GT-R could match with the Koenigsegg at the NRing but this not means it will be fast as some other hypercars.

    We are referring about few laps approach for the GT-R or what?

    Professional drivers were able something around high 7:30's or low 7:40's every times they approach the GT-R with few laps at the NRing. Just a professional driver and with a lot of effort and drive style like Suzuki was able of superb lap times at the NRing. A lot of effort a, lot of sessions, a lot of laps.
    But, high 7:30's or 7:40's, with few laps, were able other drivers with other cars too. Some hypercars are even faster and this is easily comprensible every time a car that is not to be a GT-R achieve so close to 7:20's or 7:30's with few laps. Basseng in Enzo, CGT, Zonda, MC12 even the Koenigsegg, but also the 458, LFA and Turbo S with this Bert at the wheel. About HvS and Rohrl's times this is known. Their times are really improvable. The 7.39 with the Scuderia and HvS at the wheel is really improvable and both GT2 lap times..
    just need more time, more laps and professional driving at the wheel.

    Or, you think really the Scuderia was not able of mid 7:20's whit more time, more laps and professional driving at the wheel?

  12. Are you? I have driven on the NRing just one time and I don't consider me a professional driver. I regulary drive a lot of cars on road and sometimes on track, but I think the NRing need long time spent on the track over the ability of the driver for achieve very fast laps.
  13. "Have either of you ever driven a lap on the 'Ring? What were your times, and in which vehicles?"
  14. GTR being able to compare to a Koenigsegg is wishful thinking. Even something as old as CCR/CCX on their worst setup and a few laps are good for low 7:30's. The GTR can barely get under 7:40 from the tests that I've seen.
  15. No, we are referring to full 100% commitment and thousands of laps approach for the GT-R.

    CGT and GT-R at Bedford were both production cars, not press cars. It should be as representable as any. Evo even said Bedford does not suit the GT-R, that it should do better at a place like the 'Ring (fast, flowing, not particularly hard on brakes). We have also seen the CGT much faster than the Enzo on some tight tracks, yet on the 'Ring, the Enzo is faster even with failed dampers.
    I agree those cars will be faster with more time by Basseng. That does not refute the claimed time of the GT-R.

    Scuderia, it's very possible for 7:20's. The one thing I have read by Ferrari owners who have tracked there is that it is a bit low and stiff for the bumps of the 'Ring. That is a serious limiting factor and why a heavy car like the GT-R can do well at the 'Ring. It's not so upset by bumps and curbing. The driver can straight-line curbs more than in some other cars which have to take a wider radius turn.
  16. No, I haven't. But this is not about me. I'm not the one stating [insert car name] time is false.
    So you admit to very limited knowledge of the 'Ring and what it takes to set a very fast lap there. Do you agree, then, that you don't have the expertise of someone who does have considerable experience? The person I'm talking about is instructor on the 'Ring. He has experience in both cars and motorcycles on the 'Ring. He took part in one of the last 6-hour races of the season on the Nordschleife. Does that give him enough credibility? Or do you think your limited experience gives better insight on a car's true ability?
  17. You don't think low 7:30's vs high 7:30's is comparable? How do you know the GT-R in these mag tests were on their best setup? You don't.
  18. So the answer is: No, you really don't know what you're talking about.
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    latest additions to the list:

    7:24 --- 168.64 km/h - Porsche GT2 RS, 620 PS/1405 kg (sport auto 11/10)

    7:32.9 163.72 km/h - Ferrari 458 Italia, 602 PS/ 1371 kg (Autobild Sposrtcars)
    7:34 --- 163.59 km/h - 2011 Nissan GT-R, 530 PS/1770 kg, Horst von Saurma (sport auto 11/10)
    7:41.2 160.87 km/h - Porsche 911 Turbo S Aerokit (AutoBild Sportscars)
    7:44,4 min - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, 571 PS/1647 kg (AutoBild Sportscars)

    the Porsche GT2 RS, being as fast as the Gumpert appollo sport, hopefully neds all the stupid discussion of the Nissan GT-R being the fastets car at the Ring, LOL

    the Nisan GT-R was driven on the Ring by sport auto cheife editor Horst von Saurma who did at least 3 flying laps with the car and so got a clear impresson of the improvement of 4 secs. but never was able to achieve any of tha fabulous times posted by Nissan before
  20. next car in the sport auto Supertest is the Artega GT and the Audi R8 GT, nov,19
  21. simply I cannot compete againt your question (or I'd call it "The Question")....
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    Now Guibo'll show us how was snowing during the hotlaps... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
    even so, thanks for data
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    You're an idiot if you think anyone here is claiming the GT-R is the fastest car at the 'Ring.

    Does HvS explain why he is 6 seconds slower than Porsche's claim in the GT2 RS? And Porsche tends to report times while lapping industry days traffic.
  24. I didn't know questions were meant to be competed against.
  25. "To mafalda and F40 Le Mans:
    Have either of you ever driven a lap on the 'Ring? "
    ...this is the "Question"...... I cannot compete.... Guibo always wins!
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