Nurburgring time.

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    Even the old NSX-R has a lap time of 8:03, which is 20 seconds faster than a normal NSX, so u would expect the NSX-R has a lap time of less than 8:00. And it's really less than 8:00, just go buy a video and see.
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    yeah, 7:56
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    You guys have to watch this.

    The NSX-R is only 0.8 seconds slower than the GT2 and 2.8 seconds quikcer than the Carrera 4S at Sugo. That is not slow, and is performance way beyond what its hp should allow it to do. Ehemm...Evo Magazine said the Corvette cannot even take on the 4S and has iffy high speed handling.

    Enjoy the video while it lasts!

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    This is the only car that i really respect from Japan.
    It's particularly fast in Sugo as it's its home field,just like the gt3 is particularly fast in nurburgring.And for some reason Porsche is especially slow in Sugo,Best motoring has a video featuring the Nsx-r and it's 1.5s a lap faster than the p gt3.There is something to do with the setting of the porsche.The 360 modena manage 1.41
    in Sugo which is 1s a lap slower than the nsx-r.

    Sugo is not a very sophiscated track at all, if you put the Skyline Gtr,evo 6 rs in sugo,they are faster than the Nsx type s zero.But If you put them in Suzuka, the Nsx type s zero is 3s a lap faster than the Skyline and 1s a lap faster than the Evo 6 rs.Suzuka is a much more challenging race track than Sugo. The more well balance is your car,the faster you can go.(source from best motoring VCD)

    If best motoring can choose SuZuka as the battle ground the gap between gt2 and Nsx-r will be much larger.I really wanna see which one will be faster in SuZuka,360 modena or Nsx-r.In the past,f355 is 0.5s a lap faster than the Nsx type-S zero in Suzuka.(suzuka is F-1 Gp track of Japan,very difficult) Both car is very close in terms of handling and 360 is faster in the straight.
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    Yea, that's mainly becuz the 360 Modena has 100 more hp, big difference there.
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    I think you mean 0.8 seconds slower than the GT3
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    Watched an episode of BBC's Top Gear. They ran the NSX-R on their wet test track. And it tied the Ferrari 575's time there.
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    The GT-R has the best nurburgring time
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    No I do mean the 465hp, rwd GT2. The NSX-R can either equal the 911 Turbo or spank it. The GT3 I don't know.
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    BTW - where can I find proof of this 7:56 time?

    What's the video called, where is it, and how can I get ahold of it?

    I'd love to see it for myself, and it wouldn't hurt to have the source to prove it when people are telling me I'm FOS.
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    The name of that video is in Japanese. I found it at the japanese bookstore at Yaohan centre in Richmond.
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    I'm going to Vancouver in a few weeks, I'll need more to go on than where it's at (hell, I don't want to borrow every single racing video and go through each one), what's on the cover or is there a pic?
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    The store is divided into sections. The car video seciton is near the car magazine one. There aren't that many video tapes, so u won't have much problem finding it. The cover is black, with a white NSX-R.
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    Gotcha, thanks.

    BTW - don't suppose you're planning to go to the Heart of Darkness TSD Rally in Merrit on the 26th r u? Or what about the Novice TSD workshop next weekend? You really should try out some TSD rallies, they're Hella fun, and aren't really that hard on your car.
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    Haha, I'm only 16 years old, haven't even got my license yet!
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    oh, gotcha, you'll have to wait a while b4 you can race regionally then<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>.
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    Yep! hey, my dad is gonna give me his 92 accord. Do u think it's a good car for autocross racing?
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    Well, a lot of people consider it to be, but I have no idea, I've never really seen one or driven one, so I really couldn't say, the Integra is apparently pretty good and the Accord is similar to the Integra in the way of handling so I would imagine that as long as it's a standard then it should work well, it should have enough power to do well for autocross.
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    icic. I heard that it's quite easy to swap a H22A into teh accord, and add a turbocharger. Is it true? If it is, how much would the turbo plus the H22A be?
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    Wait, what the hell was I thinking, of course I've seen one, I just haven't seen one used for autocross.

    Again, I don't know. Y don't u check on some Acura discussionboard? Or you can check out the forums on BC's rally site at
    Register then go down the page to where it says "Canada - West" and find the appropriate forum to post your questions.

    (If you want to check out the actual website though, go to there's a link to the discussion forums near the bottom of the homepage)
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    Thank you.
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    no, i saw that video. the nsx-r is 2 secs faster than the 575. i have the video. it is also faster than the vanquish.
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    Just tells to show, Never underestimate a car by its HP
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    icic. I heard that it's quite easy to swap a H22A into teh accord, and add a turbocharger. Is it true? If it is, how much would the turbo plus the H22A be?

    i would suggest u to swap a GSR engine if u r turbo charging a honda engine. if u want to turbo charge any car, u need to upgrade engine block, cam shift, high compression piston, new rocket arm da de da de da and could cost u 10,000 with a good turbo. put a H22A or DC2 engine in a 93-96 hatchback civic is fast! try it.

    always respect the only Japanese N/A supercar---NSX---

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