Nye Booed for pointing out Moon reflects the Sun

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  1. but absolutely nothing in Science disproves that there could be a God in the background pulling all the strings as it were.
  2. I worked for a Christian company once. They made me work Sundays and they all drank heavily.
  3. It's a horrible logical fallacy to assume that something exists just because there's no evidence to disprove it.

    I believe that tiny pink elephants inhabit Mars. You just can't see them because they blend in. Is there any evidence to say that they don't exist?

    BURDEN OF PROOF, #%!@!
  4. Sound like good, wholesome Episcopalians to me.
  5. The Miller-Urey experiment is probably the most famous demonstration of a current theory. Perhaps you should look it up.
  6. you are truly an idiot.
  7. Nothing, that is, except for the first chapter of the book upon which your entire religion is based.
  8. There actually are people that stupid. An American couple wanted to sue the place I worked at in North Cape a few summers back because the midnight sun was the same sun as shone during the day, and a quaint old german lady enquired (upon seeing a time lapse picture of the sun touching the northern horizon) if we "have 12 suns here?"
  9. Actually, organic compounds are created from inorganic compounds pretty much constantly all over the universe.
  10. o rly?

    And is there anything in the bible suggesting that a "day" is anything more than a unspecified era of time in the bible? Was the moon and stars literally created in 24 hours? or do you htink that might possibly be just a metaphor for the whole process? I mean seriously you anti religion people are just as #$%#ing retarded as you seem to think we are. Could God have created the laws that govern the universe? yes./ Could he have gradually built the earth up over time and set its processes in motion? most definitely. So how is that in any way threatening to Science when it never disagrees with it in the first place?
  11. "Theory" is the highest level of surety in science. In science "Theory" means hypothesis that both explains the existing evidence and has made testable predictions that have then been shown to be true. The word simply doesn't mean the same thing to science as it does in everyday parlence. There are other hypotheses, but none of them are currently as good at explaining all the compiled evidence.
  13. Reliably.
  14. I had gay sex with the universe!
  15. meh, i find the logical fallacy to be in how some say "a lack of scientific proof of a God points to nonexistence". as for people's faith, FAITH is the belief in absence of evidence, of which there really isnt any way of a god. the fact that people believe in a god despite the lack of evidence one way or another that one could exist isnt irrational, because between how little we know about the world/universe around us and the very nature of the being in which many believe, there's absolutely the possibility a God exists.

    but getting into that nitty gritty is pointless, since everyone already knows that the God question is a huge void and everyone might as well believe what they want.
  16. That's not the point. The point is many people feel equally strong as a religious nut that there is no God. They "know" there is no God based on science that does NOT prove their belief. The same is true in reverse. Many people "know" there is a God, even though there's no conclusive evidence to support it.
  17. I can't either. But don't worry, it didn't take you very long to begin hiding behind snide remarks.
  18. Example?
  19. Doesn't matter. The pope will just change it later and claim god had been on a bender the night before.
  20. 2C + 6H + O --> CH3CH2OH, detected by spectroscopy in interstellar space in the mid-80's.

    You probably mean living matter from non-living matter, because just about everything up to that point does occur pretty much constantly everywhere.
  21. I haven't studied chemistry so you'll have to forgive me.

    Explain how Ethanol is organic. Or, if I'm completely missing the point, elaborate on this discovery.
  22. hyrdrocarbons/carbon based compounds are considered organic.
  23. Then what I was referring to was living matter, as he said.
  24. Organic refers to carbon-based chemistry. It was for hundreds of years believed that only living matter could create organic molecules from inorganics. In 1828, Wohler synthesized Urea and forever dispelled vitalistic theory.

    Extraterrestrial Urea was first discovered in 1975.
  25. Nothing can be proven, only disproven. The ONLY time you should believe things is when there's no evidence against them.

    By your own words, you're claiming it's a "horrible logical fallacy" to assume that gravity exists. It hasn't been proven, and there's no evidence against it. If you're claiming to have proven anything, you've left the realm of science.

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