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  1. So in a sense, although im agnostic to the belief of God, im still a christian... having said that i do often fail to be the kind of loving person jesus would have wanted.
  2. I don't even understand how people like this exist. Seriously
  3. In a sense, yes. But also in a sense no. You can be a good person without being a christian. You can try to emulate the kind of life Jesus lived without being a christian (IMO) but in the james passage but the galatians one especially, you might notice that its the faith which is expressing itself through love. You can have the love without the faith, (which it sounds like you have at the moment) but you can't have the faith without the love. Buth go hand in hand for you to be a christian.
  4. That is precisely what represents what is wrong with Christianity. They take things too seriously, if instead of trying to convince people with evidence that will never convince anyone, you should be focusing on the values/lessons of its philosophy.

    Comunista believes what he wants to believe, not what he's told to believe, that's precisely the point. If your religion can't understand that in order to convert someone that isn't an idiot, you need to show that individual what your philosophy and teachings can do for him and not what you can get from him, it will fail miserably...
  5. if i thought it was the "most right" in my eyes, yes. but it's not. so im not buddhist.

    too bad. you dont have "credible evidence" for why it's right, other than potentially having the ability to make a good case for Christianity by explaining to someone how Christ's teachings can benefit their lives and why it's a good path to take. unless your definition of "credible evidence" is simply 'the bible' or 'apostles being martyrs', but i've already stated why i disagree with calling that credible EVIDENCE, at least of Christ's divinity and miraculous works.

    unfortunately, you /have/ to let people choose their own path, that's why we have FREE WILL. even Christ said that if someone rejects His message after being properly presented it, to not bother with them anymore. never did i say dont bother to, but SOUND DOCTRINE is the very problem with a lot of Christian denominations (look at the countless smaller ones that rise and fall with the times in the past few hundred years), and even some of them are inadvertently driving potential converts away.

    seriously, what other method could you possibly endorse to convert people, if you dont think letting people choose based upon the message you give them? it's the true sign of a VERY good belief system if it can answer the questions a person has about God and life, and the message is a very strong and robust one. if it truly is a good message and provides the answers, then it should do the work for itself, and gain converts quite easily. sadly, many denominations like megachurches, the jehovahs witnesses, and mormons love to lure people in often not with sound teachings, but with charisma and community appeal, among other things. #$%# that. the churches that will continue to last and have large followings are the ones who have been around for many centuries and have a lot more substance to their theology besides a preacher on a big stage and the bible and ONLY the bible.
  6. not a wholesale hate, that's just retarded.
  7. the whole notion of what i can get out of religion doesnt work with christianity, because its a religion that is based on giving and love.

    To add to that, another notion that doesnt work is that Communista believes what he wants to believe, because Christianity teaches that there is an absolute truth, and if there is an absolute truth then you can't just believe what you want to believe.
  8. NB's pretty much Stephen Hawking with the use of his limbs.
  9. it's what's wrong with pieces of the christian world, not of christianity itself. people will always trying to bang other people over the head and try to convince them of this or that, but various denominations of christianity, i feel, really perpetuate themselves through more or less good doctrine and can keep people coming back (and/or joining) because the people see the doctrine as well-reasoned and good, and CHOOSE to stay for that reason. plenty of others just follow it like sheep, but some people just do that w/ every facet of #$%#ing life too.

    it should be to the credit of Christianity, and my denomination in particular, that i choose to believe in its teachings, because they make sense to me. i dont think someone like Jesus could ask for anything more than someone who openly delved into his faith, sought answers to questions, and readily found them in what Jesus taught. it sure as hell can make for a stronger Christian, and it makes someone like that way better at spreading Christian ideas than #$%#ing Luke ever will...
  10. Self-righteousness. That is about the most original thing I've heard, ever.

    With that shit you are turning more people away than you are recruiting. Its part of the reason why I'm not a Christian anymore.
  11. you CAN believe what you want to believe, that's part of free will. assuming Christianity IS the absolute truth (i believe it to be so because of what i've already said), people still CAN lead themselves to believe other things, as they obviously do the world over, and always have since the beginning of mankind. they may not be correct in their beliefs if Christianity indeed IS the absolute truth of the universe, but good luck proving to me they CANT believe otherwise if they are anyway.

    i know some people that just cannot adhere to such a set of beliefs. if you can't bring someone to believe something to be absolute truth, then it's not going to happen. that's free will for you, but thank god we have it.
  12. as i said when we started this, i'm at work, and don't have any resources to pull out, but do yourself a favour and read a book called "evidence that demmands a verdict" by Josh mcdowell. You might have heard of luke speak of this book quite often, and even offer to buy it for people and send it to them.

    Your last paragraph would be great if it were not for the fact that people are looking for a religion that they LIKE. They gather people around them to preach what they WANT to hear.

    Look i agree with you. Sound doctrine is of utmost importance, I go to an anglican church, which has certainly been around for a long time, and has very solid doctrine.

    My original point is that faith is believing what you have good reason or evidence to believe in. You believed christianity was the right way because it made the most sense and answered your questions. There is your reason right there. There is evidence for Jesus' miracles and his divine nature. Whether you think it is solid credible evidence, well thats another matter.

    As for me, i think it is credible enough, and so i have reason to believe, to have faith. Yes, I also take into account that it makes sense, and that it answers all of my questions, there are multiple things involved, but i think of those 3, whether it makes sense, whether it answers your questions, and whether there is any historical evidence for it, i believe that the historical evidence holds more weight in todays "i believe what i want, no one way is right or wrong" society.
  13. i think i mistook this:

    "Comunista believes what he wants to believe, not what he's told to believe, that's precisely the point."

    to be a "believe what you want, there is no absolute truth" statement. If it wasnt your intention, then my bad. Of course people only believe what they want to believe. You cant force people to have faith.
  14. everyone has those kind of stories, i knew someone in highschool that said weird al was the biggest asshole celebrity ever. the guy is probably just normal.
  15. No, it wasn't like, that. At least directly.

    However, I pity you for trusting so much someone/something that tells you what absolute truth is, instead of figuring it out for yourself... that seems to be the basis of your whole argument...
  16. like i said before, Jesus' miracles and divine nature add credence to what i already believe (and supposedly much of what i believe stems directly from that, so there ya go), so it only deepens my faith.

    anyways, i was just telling z28vette this- we live in a time where there's so many people telling you what to believe, and what is right and wrong, and it has to be very difficult for many who are really just trying to find TRUTH in the world (i think most people would agree they wanna follow what truly is right), but it really is very hard, nigh impossible, to know what IS absolutely true. i really sympathize with those who struggle to discover it, because i bet it's sometimes a rough path and really discouraging not really knowing for sure, which is common. but i can't really fault someone who believes a certain set of beliefs wholeheartedly because to them it's the only thing they can interpret as the "right path". even if it's not Christianity. and certainly not if they had someone who was Christian demanding they become christian or else go to hell, or something equally as pathetic, because they never got the "right" message from christianity in the first place to really decide whether it's right.

    i've noticed a lot of christians, evangelicals especially, seem to hate that line of thinking, but it's almost impossible to compel, let alone coerce, everyone into honestly seeing christianity as the ABSOLUTE TRUTH, whether it even is, because free will and different ways of thinking really make it almost impossible to do. even Jesus Christ himself couldnt convert everyone he came across to His teachings, and he's God! and for those people who get chased away by a bad evangelist/proselytizer, i cant really blame them for resultantly believing something else to be TRUTH, and i really bet God doesn't judge them on that either. and that's the bottom line for me, really. ----in the end, im not saying people should just believe what they want to hear as though what they like = what's right, but they can't always be blamed for not being christians if the message THEY received was a bogus one, and always free will has to be respected for what it is.
  17. i guess to clarify what i'd said before, i indeed did figure it out for myself, and to me i concluded what the absolute truth is. can i prove it? no, but i can make a damn good case for it. and because of that i'm all the better from it, because instead of never questioning what i was told or taught, or not actively trying to seek out more knowledge, i DID do that, and im not a religious sheep.

    everyone can agree that a person well-read in a religion is much better than one who swallows every bit hook, line, and sinker and never grows properly in their faith.
  18. i love the fact that any thread that has the word religion is at least at leeasst 5 pages
  19. its been almost 6 years, and I've never been disappointed...

    and its receded in recent years... back in 2003-2005 20 pagers were very common... Luke's banning has of course helped in the recession to that...
  20. seriously though why was he banned ?

    and will he ever be unbanned ?

    ohh was it that loooong thread i remember "maclaren77 has a gf " or something
  21. no... Luke was banned because he made a very nasty joke, involving Comunista, about the Virginia Tech massacre...
  22. and no, I don't think he'll ever be unbanned... the mods have been very clear about that...
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