:o 'Vette not the best bang for the buck :o

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by naranhito, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. I'm buying a MazdaSpeed3, but I'm gonna wait until they've got the bugs worked out.
  2. if you don't know why, you're dumber than we expected.
  3. I have heard and seen the same. There are about 4 that have been traded in already in my town. And there were only 6 sold here so far so that not a very good satisfaction rate. And the used ones are selling for dirt cheap. I could pick one up for about 21K Canadian with less than 10000Kms on it.
  4. all Mazda speed products have been fragile ... zoom zoom boom is a pretty popular saying on the Mazda forums ...
  5. For reference, my bike gets 18750, if taxed here, twice that if priced as in America.

    Wonder how the list would look if it included either cabin noise or luggage space.
  6. Is that right? I haven't heard of the engine falling out of it, thats interesting, maybe they'll iron out the flaws in the meantime and have a spetacular car in the end.
  7. 59 posts and still you can't find the "Quote" button.

    Case closed.
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  9. Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8, wtf m8
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  11. So did I!
  12. The Evo gives amazing B4B.
  13. did I do this right on my used Focus?

    (191 � 2500) x 10,000 � 8000 x 100,000 = 9550
  14. 6111 for my eclipse
  15. Kind of like the new MustangGT.
  16. (60hp/2046lbs) x 10000 / (50 x 1.34(euro-dollar conversion)) x 100000 = 437,694.227 for the used Renault 19 I used to own.
  17. you paid 50 euros for it? damn
  18. yeah, it looked like a dark blue golfball though, because it barely survived a mediterranean hail storm. that's why it was so cheap mainly.

    edit: it was a great beater nevertheless, added 15K km myself until its blow-up.
  19. My car is off the scale holy crap!

    (75hp/2046lbs) x 10000 / 0 x 100000 = N/A
  20. It can go 0-60 in like 4.6 seconds.
  21. The formula is extremely flawed, as there is no accounting for interior.
  22. 1976 camaro

    ((260hp/3100lbs x 10,000)/ $600) x 100,000 = 139,785

    but that's not counting the $400 i spent getting it to 260hp from 110hp
  23. that equation is so ridiculously flawed.

    but who cares?!?

    it makes for interesting conversations.
  24. 2303 points penalty for crappy interior.

    OH SNAP!
  25. Could you post some pics of your Camaro please?

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