O2 sensor location

Discussion in 'Technical' started by bananatucker, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. the factory O2 bung is closer to the exhaust port, but the bung on a header is a lot farther back towards the cat. the O2 sensor is an older non-heated one, will this matter>?
  2. it shouldn't matter. it could be a bit cooler than the stock location (maybe 1 celcius).
  3. yeah you're putting this on the CRX right? Honda ran the cats on those pretty much straight off the manifold, there's plenty of heat shielding assuming that's all still there so like TSCM says, shouldn't matter much
  4. What TSCM said
  5. A lambda sensor have to reach the correct operating temperature range to provide correct data. Too far away and it might run too cold, to close and if can get damaged due to overheating. Heated ones are less sensitive from being far away since they can be heated to reach operating temperature.

    Also, lambda sensors should never be placed upside down. An upside down placement can result in sensor damage.
  6. the HF model had the cat on the manifold, I have the SI. cat is(was) pretty far back under the shifter. O2 sensor is about 2ft farther downstream now

    would wrapping the header help the o2 sensor heat up better?

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