OBama makin internet anti-piracy law

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  2. Seems unlikely,the PEOPLE own the media, the media does not own the PEOPLE
  3. his pack of fUcking leftist ****s will still give it a shot
  4. The democrats always support obscene anti-piracy laws to appease their hollywood supporters, Obama even appointed some RIAA lawyer to some high ranking position in the DoJ or something similar. They are always trying to do stupid shit like trying to have piracy classed as terrorism.
  5. Those torrents, really
    Somali pirates download whole container ships with them
  6. what a #$%#ing piece of shit, seriously
  7. i like this
  8. yeah... this is totally *as bad as something like the patriot act... that bastard, and those leftist #$%#s..

    *far worse
  9. This country is going to shit.
  10. Or trying to stop machine gun crime in mexico by regulating semi automatics in the US
  11. yeah, the guy is far from perfect, but piracy regulations are far less important than tapping phone lines without a warrant, or the handful of other rights the patriot act treaded on.

    im not saying bad shit isnt happening now, like for #$%#s sakes he has spent plenty, but shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. he needs to find some money in the US to pay for this stuff...

    but grouping the liberals together and saying they are so horrible for simple stuff like this? its just a little ridiculous.

    one of the reasons i dont belong to either of the parties, they both constantly piss me off.
  12. lol how many of us were affected by the Patriot act?

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    Take box office tickets, going to the cinema is an experience you can't replicate at home. Do some DVD distribution and make some TV deals. After 2 years accept that your film is only in your control in that another media maker cannot make money from in.

    I just saw a film called 'The Man from Earth' (2007) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0756683/

    Amazing film, I'd pay if I could find it. But I can't so I didn't.
  14. Something not affecting you personally definitely means it's not as bad as something that does.
  15. seriously. its not just what happened, its the potential of what could happen using that power.
  16. Let's be real about it. What exactly is Obama going to do different? Oooooo it's going to close Gitmo, meanwhile other sites in places like Poland which are far less visible on the evening news are going to operate as if nothing happened.
  17. It applies to you, therefore you are directly affected.

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