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  2. nigga needs some new shoes
  3. true.

    Then again it really contrasts to the Palin family and their new republican funded 150k+ wardrobe (straight from main street).
  4. those all seem to really isolate him, though. even the one where he's in a shop there's a bunch of people on the outside looking in, with a sign in the picture that says "sorry we're closed"

    wtf man nigga stole my loveability
  5. the one where he's cleaning up after himself?
  6. yeah all by himnself

    man i/'ll clean up for you your'a colored i owe it tot to you
  7. Don't they all?
  8. wow. longnecker with the blatant racism!! score one for the white christian race!
  9. oh you slay me
  10. Yeah but the side of the sign that faces those people says "Come In We're Open"
  11. regular joe is regular
  12. Mans going to get shot ?
  13. those pictures are great. he must be the most stressed out person in the world.
  14. HHMM, and I suppose you're going to tell me Hilary didn't spend that much. Let's see how much Michelle spends on her wardrobe. How bout Obama's suits?
  15. They're free through the All My Friends Are Terrorists Foundation™
  16. Come on. He has enough money on his own, he probably pays for his own suits. Even if he HAS received any funding for wardrobe, it certainly wouldn't be anywhere near that amount. 150k for clothes? For the VICE PRESIDENTIAL candidate? WTF.
  17. The controversy has nothing to do with the amount of money, its the source.
  18. I get that, but I don't really have a problem with them buying her one nice suit for the debate or something. That's a legitimate campaign expense and can come from campaign funds. Dropping 75k in a single trip to Nordstroms, however, is a little absurd.
  19. Probably not, John Edwards got ridiculed for his $500 hair cuts. If the republicans were to get any word of 150K in clothing from a leading democrat from taxpayer money, they would be doing the same thing. Especially from Mr. fiscal conservative John McCain.
  20. It's not taxpayer money.
  21. And if people are going to #%!@ about spending all this campaign money on clothes, why dont they #%!@ about the 4:1 advertising spending by Obama?
  22. What about the presidential canidate's wife? I bet you the Democratic party is paying for Michelle's outfits. How much do you think she spends?

    It dosen't matter, but don't slam a canidate if you're not going to scrutinize the other party the same way.
  23. Wouldn't surprise me in the slighest.
  24. *knock* *knock*

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