Obama wants higher debt limit

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  1. Alright, so what happens when a child is found to have leukemia or another type of cancer that's prone to kick in at a young age (and can't be seen during pregnancy)? We should just excuse ourselves to the child "sorry little Tim, we live in such an awesome, prosperous and rich country, that we sadly can't afford your chemotherapy with our double jobs that happen to be paying above average."

    Or is that not what you're saying?
  2. Mommy will do some overhours in the Bunny Ranch to save our child. God let those perverts behave tonight, taking advantage over our cruel health situation at home.
  3. When it comes to money or to be more accurate wage or/and other revenues, it is indivisible and it belongs to the one who earns it.
    I don't really think you can force people to give their money for which they had busted and still bust their asses off just in order to assist the needy.This kind of social and health care system is what has failed Europe since the 80's.If people want to give money to help others it is fine but you can't force them to do so. From my honest and personal point of view, the money redistribution and social helps have always been a touchy subject in Europe. You are also well aware that there is a feeling of enough is enough in Europe regarding social and medical assistance where it benefits more to some people than others.If I want to give my money to help a child to get first quality healthcare I will do it, but you will never force me nor anyone else to do it.The question can be debated forever but it will always resume itself to people being for or against healthcare and social assistance of others.
  4. Would you agree that if you are not willing to participate in a social healthcare system, that you're also not eligible to receive anything from this system, so we basically create 2 classes of people?
  5. Hemistage is just the dumbest guy around eh
  6. I totally disagree because even if I am not willing to participate in a social healthcare system, I would with my own money benefit from better care because of the better quality of doctors and treatments
    that are prevailing in private hospitals than in public hospitals.
    There has always been the ones who can afford better care with private hospitals and the ones who can't afford it and who have to stay with public hosptals and their average if not poor quality of care.
  7. that wasn't even my question

    edit: wait, I read it wrong, you disagree, yet you agree?
  8. Lol shut up he's your second account
  9. I think want hemi is trying to say, albeit very poorly, its not the governments job to take of your retard/cancer baby. In the US there are gazillions of Volunteer Orgs/Foundations that help. Health Insurance(dont say a water head baby cant get it, if you say that, your just not trying) is there for a reason. If she has to quit her job, she will get unemployment (which pays WAYYYY too much anyway, so she will probably be better off).

    Whatever happened to personal responsibility?
  10. charity shouldnt be necessary, it should be provided by the government. Don't be so selfish, just cos you want to save a few more tax dollars so you can afford a 64" plasma screen instead of having to make do with a 54" one.

    Hopefully your partner will one day give birth to a "retard baby", then you might change your tune.
  11. My sister is in this exact scenario, I THINK i know more about these situations that you.
  12. and you seem very sympathetic ...
  13. So what if you and your family lose everything you guys have and in the end its not enough to save your sister?

    You'll be poor and sisterless
  14. why would my sister die from a baby's problem?

    The baby's condition is not life threatening, just expensive.

    For some odd reason yall think everything is worst case scenario, which is typical i guess of this site.

    She found a way to sustain herself, and the baby, as a single mother, with a rather low income. All without the government. I dont sympathize, i applaud her.

    Obviously we have different views on what the government should be doing, you will make retarded claims about why the government being in every aspect of my life is fantastic and the best thing ever, and people (I) would counter argue for our views. Neither of us will change opinion so why not just stop this now?
  15. Structural adjustment programs have gone so well in other countries /sarcasm
  16. in most countries they have.
  17. They have also screwed up a lot of countries too. Shit has to change though in this country when it comes to our debt. No one wants to hear the words "increase taxes" but it is probably necessary to help pay off the debt. People in the U.S. need to stop #%[email protected] about taxes when so many countries have taxes higher than the U.S. People are too protective over their money to realize that when you demand lower and lower taxes you are just screwing yourself and others over in the long run.
  18. STFU, Hemi! Or I'll put on my puerto rican flag ring and punch-stamp it on your forehead, #%[email protected]
  19. true that. the amount of taxes americans pay compared to europe is absurd. creditcard culture doesnt help either.
  20. The amount of taxes US corporations pay in relation to other countries is so absurd it's insulting. Between subsidies, lobbyists, special interest groups and payed off senators America is basically totally run by corporations now.

    All legislation these days is aimed at short term financial gains, that's why the country is turning into a shithole, no one looks to the future anymore.
  21. To answer your original question, yes there are two class of people: the leech offs assisted unwilling to work parasites and the hardworking law abiding honest citizens. I agree regarding with your former statement but with money you can buy everything regarding that you don't have access to medicare or social security
  22. And dont forget that the 1% of the US have something like 35% of the wealth and aren't taxed accordingly.
  23. I will stab you in the throat before hanging you as a christmas tree decoration. STFU illegal piece of shit, go back to where you come from.
  24. I am glad that someone understands clearly and quickly what I said. Thanks for your intervention.
  25. Worst joke ever. It would be the same thing than saying that you are panda beat's second account. Spare me that non sensical crap.

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