Oceans 12 sucked..only one good thing.

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  1. And it was Vincent Cassel Lifestyle. His house on the Lake Como, his C type and the way he dresses.

    I want that life.
  2. I heard it was good. The first one was awesome.
  3. It wasnt that bad
  4. Yes first one was awesome . This one blows compared to it.
  5. Quit being a stupid #$%#. It's just a parade of Hollywood's pretty people.

    Personally, I though 12 was quite a bit better than 11. The only thing better in 11 was the planning and the actual heist. Everything else in 12 is better.
  6. Come again ? Why am i being a stupid #$%# asshole ? i didnt like the movie and thats my opinion dumbass.

    The planning and the Heist are the most important parts in this movie. And the flashbacks are #$%#ing annoying . everything can be expalined with flashbacks.
  7. 11 > 12. 12 was just another reason to get a bunch of famous people in another movie.

    everything about 12 sucked, there was no heist, they tried way to hard with that julia roberts bullshit, and that laser dance lasted way too long
  8. go figure, children were not entertained.

    Maybe next time they will have more special effects? will that please you?
  9. Ocean's 12 was a terrible movie, and I like good movies, not stupid action killing bullshit.
  10. My favorite movies are Requiem for a Dream, Apocalypse Now, and the Godfather.
  11. the only good thing in the movie is Catherine Zeta Jones
  12. I enjoyed Oceans Eleven, I look forward to seeing Twelve.
  13. You couldn't come across as more of a douche if you tried.
  14. 11 is the best movie ever, and 12 is not too far down on the list IMO. But why the #$%# didn't the Nightfox just walk behind the damn statues where there were no lasers whatsoever?!

    BTW, Catherine Zeta-Jones is awesome/beautiful
  15. Then we would've missed the totally cool capoeira/ballet thingie.
  16. With Nikkfurie's Thé à la Menthe playing in the background.
  17. She looked nice i agree. But Nightfox's house on the Como Lake and his C type and his Riva Aquamarina..Oh my god. Imagine Ferrari 250 California , a Miura SV in front of that house...
  18. I read somewhere that the house belongs to George Clooney.
  19. It was alrite, not as bad as you make it out.

    The house on Lake Como, especially the shot at night when Clooney and Roberts are talking to him was awesome

    The laser break dance scene was clichéd and completely ghey
  20. Whats the music when nightfox does his laserdance ? its great
  21. Really ? thats like a 30m€ house !
  22. Didn't even notice...too disgusted by that extremely retarded scene <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
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