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  1. Does anyone have one or has used one?

    I've had my DK1 for over a year and I love it. Really looking forward to the retail version though.
  2. Few guys at work have DK2's. They're cool but I wouldn't get one until the retail kits come out. Once they jam a much better screen in them they'll be amazing.
  3. Also Oculus needs to develop a way to see your hands moving in the games. Car racing games are awesome (Live For Speed even, remember that one?) but moving hands would be the final step for true immersion.
  4. That's in the pipeline.
  5. Hope so. I haven't been as excited for computers and games in years. One of the three technologies I'm most excited about in fact. Along with 3D Printers and electric cars.

    Latest demo I've tried is Vox Machinae. It's amazing fun.
  6. Waiting for 4k retail version.
  7. yes i have used one. museum in my hometown lets you walk around in 17th century version of the city. pretty cool stuff.
  8. Have tried a Dev 2 kit. But Chrissyfurr is on the money.
  9. Obduction is going to have Rift support, pretty cool.
  10. Hatred needs support so american kids can let go some steam
  11. I was so blown away when I used the DK1 then completely forgot about it. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  12. Transport Tycoon Deluxe is going to be so so sweet with 4k OR.
  13. You would die from epilepsy.
  14. Totally worth it.
  15. If Sony's project Morpheus becomes a real thing (and there's no indication that it won't) it will probably persuade me to get a PS4.

    I want to be scared shitless by the new Silent Hill game when it comes out.
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    Valve have teamed up with HTC to bring us the Vive. Retail version will be released for the holiday season 2015!


    1200 x 1080 per eye
    90 hz refresh rate
    110 degrees FOV
    3 ms pixel persistence
    360 inside-out audio tracking
    Wireless hand-tracking hardware
    Headphone jacks on either ear side
    Laser positioning for head position accuracy down to 1/10 degree accuracy
    VR base stations for 15 x 15 feet tracking for VR world movement
    Controller for each hand, allowing for interactivity within the virtual world.

    Oculus is in deep shit now. They need to announce their retail Rift at GDC (which is happening now) otherwise it will show that they are way behind.
  17. If valved released this with Half-Life 3 I would have an orgasm.
  18. I really want a VR headset. Like, really want one.

    I want to plat GTAV in first person
  19. I'll need a new pc / console whatever to play this
    won't have time anyway
  20. I just wanna lay in bed watching movies whichever way I want and have the TV be right in front of me at the right angle.
  21. They probably won't but, they have scheduled an announcement of some type on the 3rd of this month (March is 3rd month of the year too) at 3pm. So, you never know.

    But HL3 with this new VR device would be pretty amazing. And they need a killer app to sell it too because the hardware is useless without the software.
  22. Sounds like an 80s action movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    I'll wait a couple of years for this technology to mature.

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