Of all things you can add to your car

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by V8stangman, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. This got to be the most stupid of them all!

    Eye lashes!! No, seriously.....
  2. Well chicks do drive Pontiac Sunfires..
  3. I saw some black chick driving with these on her Accord. I wanted to firebomb her car.
  4. I saw a car with those yesterday.it was awful
  5. Good.
  6. They see me rollinn, Eye Lashees...
  7. there is a pink VW New Beetle with those on where i live. its pretty atrocious
  8. hahahahahhhahahhahahahaha

    people tht own jbodies aren't entitled to opinions
    get married old man

    Edit by V8stangman: I only edited out some of the Hahahaha.
  9. gonna put eyelashes on my car
    actually have an e90 now lol
  10. sorry stangman, I'm losing my mind
    being inadequately medicated...
  11. goddamn socialist ocanacare
  12. Jesus christ this place went from a gay parade to a mental hospital
  17. I see those from time to time. The only thing I can do is shake my head.
  18. they were invented in your city. I'm partially going to blame you and drano for not beating the girl who invented them up.
  19. Saw this a few months ago. #$%#ing ugly lol
  20. yeah I pretty much exclusively see this on VW Bugs , it goes without saying its pretty gay however so does driving a bug ...
  21. these are not that bad. i have these and trucknuts on my car and im a pretty cool guy.
  22. i've seen it on an accord and an slk. the slk driver was the vapid, annoying, ditsy, #%!@y woman you would expect to drive an slk and think it needed eyelashes
  23. they look good and you know it
  24. What? No it wasn't.
  25. this very possible as Montreal breeds the most hippest and gayest trends ever.

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