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Discussion in '2000 Dodge TNT King Snake Viper' started by stellar, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I've heard that Vipers can lay blackies from 1st all the way to 6th. Anyone got any info on that?
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    What ever blackies are if their good i bet it could
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    i don't know. that's a lot of burnout. you might be right, though. either way, vipers rock!
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    blacky? WTF! you got blackies in your tighty whites fool.<!-- Signature -->
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    HAHAHAHAHA, thats funny, I mean ya, blacky, that is stupid, was he to lazy to type "Burnout" or something, and to answer his question, the Viper can lay rubber on every gear.
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    Yeah it probably could with some old ass tires, no big deal, my 66 Impala almost does that with a 2-spd powerglide.
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    yea, not that tough with low air in your tires, especially for a car of this magnitude. Blackies, for anyone who hasnt realized, are tire streaks on the road.
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    you have heard wrong. Probably no street legal car can lay rubber in sixth gear with tires that freaking wide.
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    lol that is a funny thought though
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    now thats a car i want to own

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