Official: 35.5mpg fuel standard coming by 2016

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by jebbinksy, May 19, 2009.

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    Where's the #$%#ing article?
  2. that's good.

    what's troubling is the emissions. i'd hate to think that 49-state legal aftermarket parts are now going to be illegal if that proves to be the result.
  3. 1) copy and paste the text
    2) post the pics
    3) STFU
  5. Definitely a concern....what really concerns me is emission standards for older cars.
  6. My farts won't meet the new CAFE standards.
  7. Ford seems the closest of the Detroit 3 to this standard. Even then it will take an advanced version of ecoboost to do it. I dont think this is yetp ossible.
  8. This is a round about way of forcing people to own electric cars. Or maybe they anticipate everybodies car to be run by carnot engines.
  9. Obama is going to take away all are cars and guns.
  10. I think it's funny that he apparently thinks it doesn't take money to retool and re-engineer and redesign vehicles to meet the standards. He obviously knows shit about how the auto industry works. This will easily offset the bailout money making this whole #$%#ed situation moot. I swear he's proving to be a big douche.
  11. you do realise this isnt a monarchy right?
  12. I'm not gonna sit back and pretend I know exactly the details of this sort of thing, but I'm pretty sure that these "standards" are applied by taking every production passenger vehicle a company makes and averaging their combined mileage. In other words, if the put direct injections into their economy I4s and V6's, put out a hybrid, and canned a slow selling truck or cargo van, they'll meet this goal.
  13. Yes, you do realise Socialism sucks for most who don't want to support (or aren't) lazy freeloading assholes right?
  14. thats basically what Ford is doing. I think with the fiesta and new focus they will easily meet this goal.
  15. That's my understanding as well. I wonder if they can find a loophole by manufacturing a few totally electric cars and trucks to bring the average up.
  16. And, that still takes money. They need to worry about mending wounds before trying to meet new EPA standards right now. I mean unless we want them to do the lazy way like in the 70s-80s with 100HP v8s.
  17. there is a lot more technology today that makes this possible like direct injection so that the weak ass engines of yesteryear never have to exist again.
  18. actually technologies like that are what make 1.2L engines not weak ass at all. VW is putting a 1L 100 hp engine in the new fox (plenty of power for that little car) that achieves 60+ mpg average.

    Pretty swanky stuff, but I think it's important to note for all the wonderful things DI does for efficiency (mileage AND performance. winning combination), there is supposedly a major drawback in long term reliability. I've heard DI both lessens the overall integrity of the block and over time will leave microscopic debris in the cylinder. of course, this doesn't matter much if the engine is designed to go 150k miles and then thrown away or isn't pushed like a high performance car. one has to ask themselves why DI is absent on so many of the highest tech cars. Audi does it and some others are considering it, but generally direct injection hasn't yet been accepted into the performance arena quite like VVT did.

    I ramble
  19. A Camry hybrid is rated 34 mpg with 147 hp and already costs way to much to do it. Averaging 35.5 mpg for all cars and light trucks is going to take drastic, expensive, action. The fact he wants them to run cleaner at the same time really adds insult to injury. But oh well, the less gas suckers in new cars use the more there is for me.
  20. If anything I hope this means lighter cars.
  21. Making cars lighter is even more expensive.
  22. Keep in mind that would mean making it harder to meet crash standards. Also doing away with all the goodies that weigh newer cars down. They do that, then you'll have douche bag SC.NET members complaining about how they built cars no one wants.
  23. Need moar diesels
  24. Maybe if they can get one foot powered car, which means it gets infinity billion miles to the gallon, it will offset the others.

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