OFFICIAL - Chevrolet Volt rated @ 230mpg!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Aych Es Vee, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Those are both all-electric cars that didn't have the range of this hybrid, didn't have much publicity (your average joe probably doesn't even known they were offered whereas the volt is getting a lot of exposure), weren't offered at a time when fuel economy was as emphasized or fashionable, and costs were higher and technology was worse for batteries.

    Not that this is a guarantee the volt will do well, but it sure does have a better chance than those other cars you mentioned.
  2. They did get quite a bit of publication when California (temporarily) passed their Zero Emissions Vehicle legislation, which pushed these vehicles into production.
  3. the newest EPA testing standards are actually quite realistic for an average driver. they redid the test a few years ago because it wasnt matching reality and many cars like the prius took a nasty hit in mileage (IIRC when the prius was released it supposedly gave "64" mpg, now its listed at 48/45. On a road trip I unfortunately took in a prius at work we got right at 46 mpg).
  4. I want one.
  5. Yes, in 2008 they approved the new testing procedure, but it included adding something for start up/warm up, where valve injection (I think this is the right name for it, non DI is what I meant) engines are really poor in terms of emissions and fuel economy, whereas the electric hybrids may not be as affected. The other thing was driving in hot and humid temperatures, which also may not affect elec-hybrids as much. I think its optimized really for ICEs right now.
  7. BULLSHIT, you don't read.
  8. i almost NEVER drive more than 40 miles in a day
  9. Bhp war => Mpg war

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