Official: F1 goes with 1.6L 4 cylinder

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by F50Fanatic, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Totally different animal, Mr. Ninjaneer.
  2. Fully aware, was just pointing out that those pressures are perfectly achievable with gas, just unnecessary.
  3. mmmm pressure
  4. is that real or some steampunk #%$gotry?

    if real, then +1
  5. After the loss of the 3 liter V10's that was the beginning of the end of those cars being exciting
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    that wasn't a 4 cyl engine but 6 right?
  8. Gasoline is a different fuel compared to diesel, it has a lower viscosity and the lubricating properties are not as good. So you can't just assume that if it works with diesel, the same pressure would work with gasoline.
  9. I realize they didn't start with a V10. It was rules-mandated for a very long time. My point is, they're always trying to cut costs out of a costly sport, motor racing. Then they change the engine mandates, probably the most expensive part to develop. Sorry I didn't explain myself very well.

    In plain English now:

    It's costly to develop a new engine.
  10. rose tinted glasses!
  11. Not really, but I think he's wrong. I think the cars will eventually come around again. Engineering tends win out over regulation in the end.
  12. The V10 wasn't mandated for such a long time, from 2000 to 2005.

    By 2000 all teams were already using V10 engines, but Toyota which was soon about to join F1 were planning to build a V12 engine instead. This might have forced the others to also investigate a possible V12 configuration, I know Cosworth did a study were they built a 2.5 litre version of their V10 engine - the same cylinder capacity a V12 would have.

    The currently frozen engine is also very expensive.
  13. Not much of a fan of this, and I tend to agree with Ferrari mostly...

    ...but if there's one thing I like about it, I imagine the engines will be peakey as all hell, making them more of a handful to control.
  14. 900 horsepower, screaming high rpm's, naturally aspirated is pretty hard to beat. Ive seen them in person and they are memorable.
  15. Last truly memorable engine I heard was the Ferrari V12 of '95
    Made everything else on the field sound like poop
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    Yes, that V12 sounded epic, but as for being the last memorable engine, I would have to say that the McLaren from 2000 would qualify for that category.

    Note: I'm not saying its a better sounding engine, I'm just saying that it's a distinctive sounding engine that came later. My favourite part of that note is acceleration under heavy load, low-mid revs.
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    Yeah that sounded bloody good under load.

    And lol, buttons first ever lap of quali in F1
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    100% agreed


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