Official: Ford’s £25k Focus RS

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Veyronman, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. still a neon
  3. who the #$%# are you?

    get out of my thread.

    EDIT: and HOLY #$%#ING SHIT, you were born in 1998? NINETEEN NINETY EIGHT?

  4. the SRT-4 is a pile of shit.
  5. To my knowledge the Neon SRT-4 stop selling in 2005. And this is the price in the UK, not in the US, so you can't compare them.
  6. By then the bumpers would of fallen off.
  7. Yes, but could it turn ? Could it be driven in anger in a mountain road ?
  8. yes if you don't care about your life
  9. It's nice, but I don't want a 305hp FWD car. Or one that costs $50k.
  10. torque steering all 300hp nice
  11. LOL
    That was a Neon SRT4 though.
  12. Their price in pounds usually translates to dollars here.
    So that puts it near the Cobalt SS in price.
  13. pound is really low at the moment. euro is more value now even lol. + taxes in britain are higher than in america. so it would cost propably 20k in amurka.
  14. harka change your avatar you idiot, There are kids on this forum.
  15. Rubbish, would rather have a Porsche Cayman S. Much faster and RWD too, Ford cannot compete with european crafstmen!
  16. i'd lol if it was faster than a cayman
  17. (._)
  18. And send the complaints to bananatucker.
  19. i saw the previous gen rs today. i want it so bad.
  20. seriously.
  21. Could you just shut up and change it, please.
  22. Good luck sitting five with comfort, packing a lot of luggage in the big boot, and probably insuring your Porsche Gayman cheaper than a Focus.
  23. Can do. Do you want a pokemon one or a hiroshima one?
  24. Says the person with a 911 avatar.
  25. Get off the forum then, kid

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