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    These are from the site:


    Coupe/Convertible (stow able hardtop). Pre-impregnated carbon fibre, Kevlar and lightweight hardfoam sandwich construction. Aerodynamic drag co-efficiency: 0.29 Cd. There is a 120 litre forward compartment for luggage.

    Koenigsegg integrated semi-monocoque. Pre-impregnated carbon fibre (woven and unidirectional) and aluminium honeycomb sandwich construction.
    Stiffness: 28.100 nm/degree.

    Koenigsegg developed semi-stressed, mid mounted supercharged and intercooled 32-valve quad cam alloy 4.7 litre 8 cylinder (90 degree V formation).

    Max. power output 655 hp at 6,800 rpm
    Max. torque 750 Nm at 5,000 rpm
    Redline at 7,500 rpm

    Dry-sump oil lubrication with Setrab oil to air cooler, oil spray cooled forged pistons and connecting rods, sequential fuel injection, OBDII, non-return fuel system with large bore aluminium extruded fuel rails. Step tube stainless steel full length exhaust manifold with fire-cone collectors, 4 stainless steel metal catalytic converters, and carbon fibre induction type air intake with conical oiled organic air filter, carbon fibre valve and timing covers.

    Fuel consumption: Highway travel: 9 lt/100km, combined consumption: 14 lt/100 km.

    Six-speed transaxle gearbox with internal oilpump and external Setrab air to oil cooler, torque sensitive limited slip differential. Gear ratios: 1st 2.875:1, 2nd 1.772:1, 3rd 1.266:1, 4th 1:1, 5th 0.830:1, 6th 0.711:1, rev. 3:1.
    Final Ratio: 3.364

    Rack and pinion 2.7 turns lock to lock
    Turning circle 11 meters
    Specially developed 215 mm AP-Racing 2 disc clutch with integrated starter ring.

    Double wishbone. Specially developed adjustable Öhlins gas-hydraulic shock absorbers, mounted according to the pushrod principle. Hydraulic ride height adjustment.

    Koenigsegg specially developed units with ventilated discs and aluminium bell-housings.

    Front 345 mm diameter, 32 mm wide, 6 calipers
    Rear 330 mm diameter, 30 mm wide, 4 calipers

    Special Koenigsegg magnesium alloy wheels

    Front, centre bolt 19” x 9.5”
    Rear, centre bolt 20” x 12.5”

    Michelin pilot sport 2

    Front: 265/35 19" (y)
    Rear: 335/30 20" (y)

    Fuel capacity
    80 litres

    Standard equipment
    Leather upholstery, Driver side airbag, ABS, Power steering, Power brakes, Traction control Hydraulic ride height system, Climate control, Alarm with Immobilizer, Stereo with CD, electrical window, central locking, electrical rear view mirrors, Detachable hardtop, Car Cover, Tools.

    Extra equipment
    Custom Color Leather Interior, Custom Paint Color, Parking Sensors, GPS Navigation, Telephone System, Rearview Camera, Fitted Luggage, Extra sound insulation, 4 Point Safety Belts, Ceramic brake system, Twin fin wing / adjustable carbon splitternolder.

    Performance Data
    Acceleration 0-100 km/h, 0-62 mp/h under 3.5 sec.
    Top speed 390 km/h, 240 mp/h
    Quarter mile time 10 sec, end speed 217 km/h
    Lateral G 1.3 G
    Braking distance 100-0 km/h 32 meters
    Dry weight 1,170 kg
    Aerodynamic Cd value 0.29 with down force

    Height 1,070 mm, 42.1’’
    Length 4,190 mm, 165’’
    Width 1,990 mm, 78.3’’
    Wheelbase 2,660 mm, 104.7’’

    Two years warranty, 10 years corrosion warranty.

    Full factory and retailer support. Service intervals: Oil, filter and general inspection (suspension geometry check) every 5,000 km. Sparkplug change every 10,000 km. Cooling fluid every 24 months. Brake fluid every 12 months. Retailers provide in-house service in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. Koenigsegg has a flying mechanic on stand-by.
    A GSM satellite uplink can be provided, so engine statistics can be distance monitored from the local service station or the Koenigsegg HQ.

    Three days of high performance driving instruction with safety and technical education included.

    Koenigsegg reserves the right to change specifications without further notice.

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