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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by superserge, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire, USA.
  2. ooh, forgot: Holden Nut - Australia, Gold Coast
  3. and 700 posts... well, 701 now...

    YAY for irrelevant facts!!!
  4. Taipei, Taiwan?
  5. wow haven't seen you post in for awhile
  6. and change eb110ss4life to Gold Coast,Australia as well, cos thats what it says in his profile.
  7. hey im in the hospital, could i get a surgical kit?
  8. K, this slut is updated again.
  9. SC.NET Memberstat, Wed, Apr 19, 2:12 PM, 2006
  10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  11. that is awesome, thanks for that.
  12. You're welcome.
  13. Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
  14. Yeah, been away. Sort of..
  15. Where you been?
  16. Melbourne, Australia
  17. add me to the list again.
  18. Kfar-Saba (Village of Grandpa, in free translation), Israel.
    Or, Everywhere, for you.
  19. Woah, IdoL, and sweet stats Citroen.
  20. Whoa what?
  21. suv - Manchester UK
    suv 2 - Manchester UK
    Suv The 3rd - Manchester UK

    all of my accounts on here, including banned ones.
  22. I've just monopolized the stickies.
  23. Apollo - Letterkenny, Ireland
    Letterkenny, Ireland - Apollo
  24. from surrey
  25. Los Angeles CA USA

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