Official shots: BMW 3-serie Coupé

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  2. It looks long, fat and boring.
  3. more pics of the BMW 3 Series Coupe
  4. Lame Mazda 3 look alike
  5. yeah it looks like a mazda 3.....not :S
  6. Fat and ugry, so unlike the last 3 series.
  7. You clearly never seen a Mazda 3
  8. It obviously looks fantastic. Just like I said it would lots of months ago. 3-series coupes always look streets better than the saloons.
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  10. I own one, STFU
  11. Info about E92

    Two Paths"

    1. BMW designers first introduced designs of 2dr 3er sedans/coupes. The 6er was in its FEP stage at that moment and with the revival of 6-series BMW chose to label their coupes with even numbers. Which when all were in market would start from 2er, 4er, 6er and 8er (up in the air but still a creative idea of being revived). The E92 would have been known as 4er.

    2. BMW design director then suggested "two paths": altering the product plan so that the 4er could be slotted in the product range - between 3er and 5er.
    Designers then started working to differ key details such as the front end and the rear end of the cars - under the approval of the Design director and the BMW Board of Directors (BoD).

    3. After the final designs had been made in 1:1 scale clay models the BMW BoD decided the E92 would definitely be badged 4er Coupe, not 3er Coupe. This decision was made on the eve of the Frankfurt IAA unveiling of the 6er and X3 in September 2003.

    4. Internally the design development was called "Projekt MB" - not because of the greatest rival from Stuttgart but because of the svelte lines and curves interplay with a beautiful design - that have something in common with Monica Bellucci.

    5. The E92 has been to hell and back: testing took place in Sweden, Arizona, California, Tokyo, France, South Africa, Wales, Germany and the Nurburgring. A world famous road in Scotland UK was utilised - the road is very popular with speeding celebrities. Jay kay of Jamouraqui lost his licence there due to exceeding the speed limits. The promo movie shoot for the E92 launch was also shot here.

    6. Marketing analysis showed due to huge brand equity the 4er would not suffice to replace the M3, so the 4er was rebadged back to the 3er (BoD outvoted the 4er idea by a margin) - also slightly altering the product plan again.

    7. The new N54 bi-turbo engine presentation was such a tremendous success: with its superior economy, and the right quality of power for a dynamic car, that the BMW BoD insisted on the spot to develop further sizes (I4, V8 & V12) of turbo-charged engines for future BMW cars.

    8. The chassis design differs a lot from the sedan and is much stiffer
    thanks to a bulkhead located behind the rear passenger area - which contributes to greater rigidity. The areodynamic set up is different from the sedan - especially the flow under the car. Wind noise is all but extinct and the Logic 7 sound system can be heard at low levels in excess wind.

    9. Although the 3er coupe might be a coupe of the 3er sedan - name wise - it is not the same car to drive. Everything has been altered to accompany the Coupe image as a stand alone model. The suspension is more tuned to be more accomodating to the performance of the car. As is the steering which is set up to offer more feel befitting a performance coupe. All this sending the message that this is not a 2dr sedan.

    10. Before the end of the year the new coupe will be also offered with diesel engines - bypassing the few years it took for the E46 to be offered with diesel powered engines. Diesel powered 3er Coupes are a great success in Europe. xDrive will be offered as well.
  12. The 3-series saloon has grown on me but it'll never look as good as the E46. In these pictures this coup� looks kinda weird but I'll wait until I see it irl to judge the looks. It'll never look as good as the E46 coup� though.
  13. The tail lights and the overall proportions are wrong.
  14. i still say. hyundai taillights.
  15. With a good colour (metallic one) and nice rims (big enough ones) the new 3-series looks quite good. I'm starting to feel the old E46 is a bit dated compared to the new one.

    This back end of the Coupé reminds me of 7-series, which looks good, but we'll have to wait and see it irl to judge it like you say
  16. It looks really dull, but way better than the saloon. Not an easy task for the designers, though, making a good looking coupe from a saloon car with weird proportions and fuzzy detailing.
  17. looks excellent.
  18. So very very boring. Who cares. I'm developing a Toyota-like hate-on for BMW... except recently Toyota design has shown some life and is probably better...
  19. you are all going to love it when you see it IRL.I think it looks superb just from the pictures.
  20. I agree. Car looks great for a BMW, and the taillights would work, but Hyundai got to them first. It's hard because almost any new taillight BMW makes is going to look like a knockoff until the car is around long enough for people to associate the new look with BMWs. We've seen so many wanna-be Bimmers that BMW can't update their own cars without looking like another imitation. With that said, the front end of this car couldn't be any more BMW, which makes up for the new rear. I like it.
  21. The new 3-series only looks good as coupe.
  22. The new 3-series only looks good as a M3 (hopefuly)
  23. more and more feminine with each new generation. nice car but too pretty..metrosexual?

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