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Discussion in 'American Cars' started by bob777, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. I would have loved to have seen that. I mean i believe but i would to have seen the aftermath
  2. These things happen in life. He will be compensated. If the rear end of the truck was in the air when it struck the vette, it is likely there was no structural damage.

    What he should do.....Go back to the dealer and see if they will provide him with a new Corvette after turning over his wrecked vette and the insurance settlement. The dealer will likely be able to fix it for less than the settlement grants, including depreciation. I know Honda motor company does this. A friend hit a deer in his brand new Pilot (800 miles, two months old), and Honda gave him a brand new Pilot (same color and options) for the old one and the settlement.
  3. yeah it just missed hit 2 cars on stands, a tahoe and a Camaro SS
  4. if the mother Fker in the truck had a proper bumper on the truck, it would have been alot harder to land on top of the vette. Stupid people putting style above safety.
  5. 50mph is faster than it seams.
  6. I would have macheted the neon driver in the face
  7. What happened to the Kintama Raccoon....that was your avatar right?
  8. Those irreplaceable fiberglass panels! Whatever will he do?!
  9. shit happens, who cares.
  10. hes a whiny tool. typical vette owner... esp one that paid cash. hell with him. shit happens, if he cant accept it then let the insurance company fix it and sell it back to the dealer and buy another one. problem solved and he gets his new c6 back
  11. I bet he has a small penis, too. TEEHEE!!!
  12. god, i feel sorry for him, but it will be almost like new if he takes it to a good body shop
  13. Who cares you idiot.
  14. Its just plastic
  15. I know how that Corvette owner fells. Happenned to me with my 1984 Mustang GT. A dumbass ran a red light and crashed in my driver's side rear wheels on back. It only had 2000km on the counter. I was pissed too!!! Repaired it and traded it in for a 1986 Mustang GT.
  16. i would be pissed, mainly because of the wait. he waited 7months for the car, only to drive it for a few weeks. I dont think he would jump to the top of the list for a new one, would he?
  17. I would have went to jail after that~!
  18. First, I read this before watching the pic.... stop whining it's not that damaged, ofcoiurse it must suck having a 50K car with only 190 miles repaired because of a crash, but there's no #$%#ing way that you can claim that a total case. Get the money from the insurance go to the dealer and try to get a new one....

    ...and god the Vette looks stunning in that color...
  19. OMG I need new plastic....

    Cry about it you pussy.
  20. Fiberglass...........
  21. same differance
  22. Fiberglass is considered a plastic.
  23. Only by the stupid. Fibreglass consists of linear silicon oxilate bonded in a polymer resin. Plastics are polyvinyl chains.
  24. PWNT!!!!!!!

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