Oh god yes

Discussion in '2007 Suzuki XL7 Pikes Peak' started by Youreallfullofit, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Thats a rad machine. I want one.
  2. looking really cool. remind me of the escudo.
  3. my mom has an XL7, i should mod it to Pikes Peak config
  4. LOL^^^^ Yeah it reminds me of a '07 escudo under a different name. Maybe we'll be seeing one with 2000hp in GT5 lol jk.
  5. Not even 1000 hp. Bad my moped has 2,500 hp.!!!!!!
  6. That cool.
  7. Every XL7 owner in the world should know about this car (my realistic guess is that at least 97% don't). This should be in a Suzuki commercial instead of claiming that their SUVs are as exciting as their bikes. DUH! I'd rather have an SUV that's as exciting as a 993 hp pike peak special with a 10-foot-wide spoiler!

    WHO'S WITH ME????
  8. prefere the madass monster look of the old escudo

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