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  1. Hey TSR, actually exists!
  2. holy shit, this is seriously your best day mate =)
  3. ..oh and thanks for letting me whore up your forum with my threads haha. It's just that I love you alot, that's all <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  4. *insert tiger hug* =)

    feel free to whore it up anytime you please haha
  5. He's getting quite lazy with these
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  8. It was a fun/crazy/disappointing/awesome night.

    Youngstown was WAY #$%#ing further from Columbus than I thought.

    I wasn't on the press access list so that was kind of embarrassing and then the chick at the booth called in some BALL BUSTING lady (30-something, skinny blonde in loud high heels, clipboard, headset, business suit) telling me I wasnt on the list so I'm not getting the pass blah blah but eventually she just screamed at the chick behind the counter to give me a pass. So allthough I got my ass handed to me by a chick infront of a million people, I are teh w1n.

    The seats I first bought were amazing, pretty much 15 feet from the ring, people sitting next to me were cool. The dudes gf totally dug me and that made me feel better about myself. The press pass really does make you the king, but I don't think I used it to my full potential since it was my first time and I had no clue what I could/couldn't do with it. The undercards were great fights, almost all knockouts. The ring girls were AMAZING, esp considering they're from nowhere, Ohio. Some Ohio Government representative was sitting in front of me in his business suit and a few kneegrow bodyguards and he was straight out of The 40 Year Old Virgin. His jokes were horrible, but everyone had to laugh and it was painful for them I'm sure.

    So there were 7 total undercard fights, so Mike didn't end up coming out until 12:30 am, but he woke everyone up. He blasted Sanders and knocked him down like 3 seconds into the fight, and really did what he wanted to him for the remainder of the fight.

    THEN, I go back to Mikes locker room to wait for him to come out & I was really excited b/c it was just me, a few chicks, a couple kids, and some reporters all standing there, but after like 40 mins some dude came out and told us Tyson left out of the back. So that was a bummer but I spoke with the Limo driver earlier and he told me what hotel they were staying at so I booked it with these 2 girls I met at the fight but we got there too late, there were like 400 gangsters and zero Mike Tyson, everyone was sad ;_;

    He ended up going back to Cleveland after the fight I think, so that sucks I wasn't able to meet him or anything, but it was a fun time.

    Then there was this whole other story about driving to really really bum#$%# ohio & a strip club and I might have crabs now and driving 4 hours home after 30+ hours being awake was no fun at all mister!

    So I slept till 6pm, got some ok pics & a few video clips. Fun night & I met some fun people, I am still le tired.
  9. Mike's opponent, Corey 'T Rex' Sanders. They were sparring partners when Mike was champ in the 90's & he retired from pro fighting after sufferring a detatched retina earlier this year.
  10. Mike Tyson

    I was able to get awesomely close with the press pass to get him walking out to the ring, and got a lucky shot with a sketchy point-and-shoot.
  11. In the ring before the fight.
  12. Only snapped 3 in fight pictures b/c I wanted to watch as much of the fight as possible & there was no way to time the 1 second digi-delay camera with punching action.
  13. Walking back into the Locker Room.
  14. And my new girlfriend, we'll call her Keyshawna.

    She was tiny & packin' much back. And like an exotic supercar, much more amazing in motion. I should've got a video.
  15. That's what's up fellas. Don't be afraid of a little chocolate puddin', no way.
  16. He went bankrupt and now this??
  17. He's never filed and he's not pocketing this exhibition money, it's going to charity.

    It's an exhibition tour just like Frazier did and just like Ali did, only it's Mike Tyson. He'll have about 100 different dates alltogether, most of them being in Europe & Asia where he's received much better than he is with the blood thirsty & dirt loving US media.
  18. Haha or because Tyson is a #$%#ing headcase.
  19. Besides the rape conviction, the ear bite, and mean words towards his opponents, what else is he a headcase about?

    The last however many times he's made the news is because he's gotten in a fight at some club or something. I did a quick study, and there are approxamitely 17 trillion night club fights per evening.

    Everything is just magnified because he's Mike Tyson and if there's one thing that sells, it's negative press.

    It's been 10 years since he's done anything (2nd holyfield fight) that would even warrant bad news, but if you punched someone while clubbing with your buddies, it wouldn't really make the best headline story.

    And to beleive he raped Desiree Washington makes way less sense than beleiving he didn't. Him = 20 year old undisputed heavyweight champion, just got done making ~20 million dollars for 2 rounds of work, arguably the most famous person in the world at the time. Her = 20 year old miss black beauty contestant who shows up at his room half naked at like 3am to just what, get an autograph for her dad?

    Honestly he's probably doing 10x better than you or I would've done in his situation, I'd be knocking every #$%#ing person out who spit in my face when I walked by them, I don't know.

    If Mike had made his career winning fights by getting 10 round decisions, then he'd be yesteryear's news. But he's not because he went in there and mother#$%#ing murdered people in the ring. His boxing ability in the 80's & 90's dictated the public's perception on anything he does for the rest of his life. He was a monster in there so obviously he's a monster out here. I know it's all just opinion but I've been watching his every doing since my long term memory kicked in and he's just trying to live a normal life like everyone else. It's just harder for him because everytime you get mad at a some girl or pissed at some guy and say "im gonna kill that #%[email protected], im going to shit on her face" the type of crazy shit everyone says when they're upset or even joking around, you don't have 20 people with microphones in your bedroom when you say it. He does.

    Now he's just a 40 year old man who want's to try to enjoy life for the first time and not let his children grow up where all people tell them is that their daddy is a #$%#ing headcase. He's not really.
  20. do you know anything about whether he's going to fight Sapp in Pride FC?

    and answer your PMs, you lazy boxer!
  21. he will destroy sapp...and sapp doesn't do k1 anymore? that's good news.

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