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    Alfa Romeo will revive the Giulia nameplate for the successor to its 159 sedan, according to rumors circulating in the European press. While there have been conflicting reports regarding which platform the car will use, sources tell us Alfa is developing a suitable RWD chassis with the help of Maserati.

    Rumors about Alfa sticking with a front-wheel-drive layout seem largely unfounded. In October, Renzo Barbirato, Alfa Romeo’s marketing manager, stated the entry-level MiTo is the only Alfa Romeo model that will not make the switch to rear-wheel drive in the coming years.

    It’s not known if the new 159/Giulia will be among the Alfa models bound for U.S. consumption, but it seems like a suitable candidate. The 8C Competizione and 8C Spider have been confirmed for the North American market, and the CXover sport utility vehicle is a safe bet.

    The new Giulia is expected to arrive as a 2011 model. Our artist’s illustrations shows how such a vehicle might look.

  2. looks like a fisker, which isn't good. the mito is quite awful too, what is going on alfa?
  3. Woah, thats hot
  4. That looks amazing.
  5. I like the old one better
  6. Pretty hot.
    Alfa has always had some pretty good designs in their line up, while keeping a little different.
  7. Our artist�s illustrations shows how such a vehicle might look.
  8. you people are insane.
  10. I quite like it but it's sort of what I'd expect a concept Honda Accord to look like.
  11. stop trolling
  12. textbook alfa
  13. I prefer the old one, but it's a good evolution of the style. Why can't the rest of Fiat group borrow Alfa's designers?

    :edit: "Artist's impression". This is what happens when you play too much Unreal Tournament - posting before reading properly....
  14. Won't be RWD. And I bet it will look way better than that.
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  17. My god thats lovely.


    The current 159 is one of the best looking cars around, be it in its own class or out of every car available, and this rendering isn't half as good looking.
  18. If it looks anything like that I will be happy.

    Also RWD = #$%# YEAH!
  19. the first one gave me an erection.
  20. Im insane. Its wicked
  21. If it looks like this I may have to start selling crack to fund one.
  22. wow
    i'd hump it in the pipe

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