Oh my god.

Discussion in '2010 Porsche 918 Spyder' started by DownwardSpiral, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. I'm absolutely speechless.
  2. It's amazing looking, yes. I can't really get onboard with that driver's side mirror, though.
  3. Holy #$%#ing shit. Epic
  4. I've never been too big on Porsche looks. But this is.. my god.. wow... amazing... That powertrain or not, they need to make that car.
  5. The Porsche design team must have got a pay rise or something... 'cos this sh1t is fine.
  6. The wheels ruined it 4 me!
  7. 918.. Epic.. Worthy successor to the CGT IMO, even if it's a hybrid.
  8. not a fan of the rims... but everything else is simply breathtaking
  9. its all breath taking I WANT ONE
  10. amazing car
  11. I think I fell in love...

    This thing is just sexy in every way
  12. Gr8 car, just its going to have to outdo the gt2 rs to justify itself... 7:30 around the Nürburgring is not gonna cut it...

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