oh oh will BMW have to give up on MINI as well?

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    ok, as i posted a while back, and got yelled and cursed at, and here it is, from motortrend.

    BMW is having trouble with Mini (gasp, big surpise here)

    to quote

    Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) is looking to Peugeot for help with expanding its Mini car brand, as it lacks expertise in the small-car market, said analysts at Goldman Sachs, citing supplier sources.

    "We believe BMW is losing money on Mini and currently lacks the low-cost expertise to expand its small car range profitability. Supplier sources tell us BMW is looking to Peugeot for a solution, in the form of common platforms, purchasing and car manufacturing," said Goldman Sachs in a note to clients.

    going to Peuguet for help. Hmmmm.
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    alright, then explain why the mini has a waiting list for customers... if you wanted to buy one this summer you would have had to wait until fall to get the mini you wanted. there is a HUGE aftermarket support for this car, telling me that there is a long, prosperous future for it. oh, and jaguar x - my mother purchased an x-type this summer, however i suggested she but a BMW 3 series or Infinity G35 instead, being that i test drove them both and feel they are better cars in the same price range. she got the x-type anyway, and now that i've driven it some more i can see it's got it's pluses, but i still would have gotten one of the others. don't get mad, it's just my opinion.
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    The mini waiting lists are huge, but I think BMW could maybe use a little help when it comes to making small cars. I love this car, dont get me wrong, but its a fair bit heavier then the old ones (1000 lbs). I think for the future models they should try to shave off a few pounds.

    And oh ya, I drove an X-Type, it fealt like crap. As soon as i sat in it, it fealt like a ford tauras. Jaguars just seem like plastic hunks of american crap now that they've sold out to ford, i love old jags, but the new ones, blah. cheap for the kind of money their asking for them, and the posh reputation they have
    just my 2 cents
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    want to know why it feels like a turas(or how ever its spelled)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BECUSE IT IS A TUARS!!!!!(GASP)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ford used all the same parts the engine the platform interior options the only thing they canged beside body panles and lables was connect a drive saft to the rear wheels so the X-type suckes just as much.
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    Maybe they didn't expect the Mini to do so well over here, but since it has maybe they need help to expand and meet demand (like Power Rangers or Furby etc.). I just hope that the Mini doesn't expand too fast and too much and fall down like Furby and the rest of those companies did.
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    Ya right, not yet at least. I went to a Mini dealership (cuz i want one) and there's a 4 month waiting list for it. So not for a while.
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    not that it has anything to do with the topic, but the x-type has the same chassis as the taurus, the s-type the ford contour. sadly, the x-type isnt up to par with anything in its class. yes, i would recommend either a 3 series or a skyline (g35), or even an audi a4/s4, toyota altezza...etc...
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    good info

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