oh wow, so ugly

Discussion in '2006 Lamborghini Miura Concept' started by Iron Heart, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Seriously, what were they smoking?
  2. screw off, muiras a classic
  3. yes, exactly, its a classic, as in this looked good 40 years ago, so did fins at the back of your car, so did 90 degree angles, so did 23+ foot cars

    reincarnate it fine, but put a modern spin on it at least
  4. I have to say lamborgini is going down the drain. Countach was the shit, the car with the attitude, the car that you couldn't confuse with anything. It was the car that screamed get the #$%#k out of my way. Then came the diablo, elegant, yet still a beast to be reckoned with. Unconfusable, unmistakable, untamed lamborghini. Then someone over at lambo design started smoking pot, and lots of it, and they came out with two over-sized plastic toys. While they can look good if you try real hard, the unmistakable spirit that came to define lamborghini in the late 20th century is now gone.

    And now they release this. Why don't you add some 50" wheels, a diesel, and start making #$%#king tractors already.
  5. Lamborgini has passion #%[email protected]
  6. i don't like lambos all of them are ugly for me except for the Miura
  7. I think this is a beautiful vision of a modernized miura. You guys just are so used to the angular lambos that you think this looks bad. This is one of the best and closest-to-the-origninal looking retro car I've seen yet. But it has all of the modern technology! It's just awesome, and a really good idea.
  8. I think it looks alright. And how is the Gallardo not angular? I agree the Murcielago was a bit of a let down in the styling department though, I prefer the Diablo 6.0 myself.
  9. this would have been better, muira inspired but actually modern touch
  10. Lemme guess, you're an american that is a huge fan of big-block chevys and going fast in a straight line.

    You wouldnt know a good car if it hit you, backed up, ran you over again and then repeated the process a dozen times.
  11. This thing is horrible and anyone who says otherwise is smoking the same $hit that the designer must have been on. Just because the original is a classic and looks good, that doesn't mean that this POS looks better because it has "Miura" in the name. The only good thing about this car is that I've noticed a lot of the "new, old school" concepts are usually ugly as hell while the versions that actually make it to production, for the most part, end up looking a lot better. I can only pray that Lamborghini follows suit if they decide to make this car.
  12. You guessed wrong. Let ME guess now, you're talking out of your ass, aren't you? Thought so.
  13. You guessed wrong. Let ME guess now, you're talking out of your ass, aren't you? Thought so.
  14. You guessed wrong. Let ME guess now, you're talking out of your ass, aren't you? Thought so.
  15. The countach and diablo are the sickest lambo's. But this is a pretty nice piece of art too
  16. The design may be slightly outmoded, but hey -- the Miura was a huge success when it premiered thirty years ago, and it's sure to be one again. And it's beautiful, if you ask me.
  17. Are you saying you can confuse the Muira with anything? EVER?
  18. I see no Muira in that. It sucks.
  19. i don't like you, your whole family is ugly, except for your sister
  20. I love retro with a modern twist, I loved the new mustang, I love that new challenger...even though the mustang and that new challenger had some retro styles you could still tell they are from our generation...but to me this isn't retro with a modern twists...its just plane retro...it looks exactly like the old school miura with new rims and headlights on it...granted its still beautiful...but i feel if you are going to go the retro path you should atleast try to make a new statement bolder than the last...this car is not bolder its the same...I also have to agree lamborgini just isn't what it used to...growing up i was awed by a countoch or diablo...they were beautiful works of art that screamed fast and mean...they were so awesome they gave me goose bumps...but the most recent generation lacked that appeal to me...ya i think they are awesome and i would love to own a murcialogo, but they don't have the same presence and awe inspiring sculpting of the old school lambo's of the previous generations...i think ferrari out did lambo this time around...because ferraris still make my jaw drop
  21. also the miura was more known for the stuff under its skin, not its appearance...it was actually unvailed before the body had been designed...it was one of the first pure bread race cars available for the public...it had holes in the frame to make it light and a rear/mid mounted v12...and that was in 1965...it took ferrari almost a decade to catch up...so i wonder if this one will be as bad ass, if so i doubt the appearance was really ment to make a bold statement...
  22. They aren't smoking anything u are.

    The Lamborghini Miura is a classic car, they are makeing a new on of the old Miura, and it looks just great, the Classic miura is one of the prettiest Lamborghinis made i think.

    So this new one is great.

    I LOVE IT ;-).

    // Krillmeister the wise has spoken ! .
  23. You should start learning som things dude. when (as you called them) the plastic toys came out, was the first new Lamborghini models under Audi.

    Gallardo & MurciƩlago are truly awesome cars, great handling, fast & gorgeous.

    i can agree with you on one point here, that is that lamborghini has lost a bit of their unmistakable spirit.

    before Lamborghinis was Hellmachines, it was like driving the meanest bull around, loud, bumpy and loots of power, the power is there now, and even greater. but the other lamborghini feelings are a bit less than on Diablo & especially Countach.

    But i just love this new miura !!.
  24. Sure that car u posted a picture on looks awesome, but they wanted to rebuild the miura, and to build the one you posted is not a miura, it looks like a modified Gallardo, wich it is too .
  25. i think its brilliant. it resembles the old miura and its simple. if it doesnt look good today then i defy u to call the original miura ugly. its old but we still like its looks. the same with this one i like the modernized touch. lambos dont have to be these massive dangerous beasts of cars its good. the countach was horrid and the diablo was good i must say. the murcielago is right on track. lambo knows what theyre doing so dont tell me theyre on pot u little junkie.

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