Ohio kindapper hangs self in prison

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  2. Good, we don't need to spend any of our tax dollars on this #$%#er
  3. The ultimate admission of guilt.
  4. He was probably just (deservedly) scared shitless of getting physically destroyed in prison.
  5. It was an inside job
    Cause jail
  6. Maybe he just didn't like being locked up.
  7. i'm sure the court costs involved were modest.
  8. Pretty sure he got some help.....
  9. Anyone who committed a crime that harmed a woman or children gets #$%#ed over in prison, let alone the insane level of crime that he did. He would have had several new buttholes ripped.
  10. saw this coming.

    when's Jerry Sandusky?
  12. just like how d hanged himself in the wire right
  13. wouldn't have happened if he had a gun
  14. Actually, they would have been enormous. It actually costs more to execute a prisoner than a life imprisonment, due to the lengthy appeals process afforded to death sentences (which the county prosecutors were going to pursue).
  15. #$%#ing coward.

    This pisses me off. He should have rotted longer.
  16. Yup, so I'm glad he saved us the trouble.
  18. Good, he won't cost much to tax payers.

    We should do that in Canada, get rid of 5% of the prison population each year through a reverse lottery (LOL!)
  19. I don't understand your point. For the victims and their families it's probably a relief to be certain that this guy won't ever be walking the streets again. And this saves the society a shitload of money. Prisons are expen$ive (although CSL would probably argue that the more prisoners there are, the better because they provide jobs -> beneficial to the economy).

    If the victims/society wants revenge on a certain individual, there are many cheaper and more brutal ways to do that.

    IMO, suicide should be encouraged among prisoners who have committed extreme offenses and have little or no chance to rehabilitate in society. Like VI pointed out, the death penalty in a country like the US is even more expensive than life imprisonment (still doesn't eliminate the fact that every now and then the state executes individuals who weren't guilty of the accused crimes). Iran and Saudi Arabia are spending considerably less in this "getting rid of the undesirable ingredients in the society" thing but that m.o. has its own problems.
  20. this dude prolly did hang himself, I'd think that his prison buddies would'nt bother making it look like a suicide

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