Ok, where's the : "Z06 beats this piece of crap" thread????

Discussion in '1999 Mercedes-Benz Vision SLR' started by Corax, Aug 16, 2002.

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    you people are sick.
    how can you compare a 3200 pound(i believe) 405 hp vette to a 550-600(in the final version) 3000 pound car? thats about 8pds/hp vs. 6pds/hp
    which makes the benz about 30% faster . Of course you 10 year olds will probably try to be smart-asses and say smth like "well its not all about power, there is also suspension, transmission..." guess what? fer some weird reason i believe that the benz is much more sophisticated and has better suspension, aerodynamics and transmission
    but i guess thats just me. But i am sure (no i am not a prophet but it always happens on all other threads) some dip will reply: "look at the 0-60 time!! vette smokes this pos!!! weeeeeee!!! i am a retard and i want everyone to know that!! etc." you know that the est. factory 0-60 for 991t is 4.2s? the actual time is 3.8s I also think that the CLK GTR has a 0-60 in 3.8 but runs a quater in 9.4
    eat that
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    the reason its stupid to comapre z06's and vipers to cars like this is THE FUCKING PRICE RANGE this if a full fledged luxury sports car not a full fledged redneck sports car big difference its like comparing staurday night live to a shakespeare play suturday night live is kool and funny and a good show but a shakespeare play is also a very prestigious and amazing literary work both are koolin different ways but there in totally different leagues
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    HA HA HA HA HA! There goes the benz!
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    ok..some people here fail to realise that a Vette will alays be a chev, and a SLR will always be a Merc, unless some stange modification are made to these two huge companies..that said, no a Vette cant be compared to a Merc. And in reply to WAY2FAST4U, Nike sell so many shoes because of the name..true. BUT how did Nike establish that name? By building good shoes. THINK. When you say companies with better names dont make better products, then your forgetting how these companies got these "Better" names in the first place. Why is is the Merceded-Benz sell cars in practically every country on earth, while Chevrolet.well..yeah. If Chev DID export cars to as many countrues as Benz, do you think they sell many? American muscle cars such as vipers and Vettes appeal to a relatively niche market, that being people who want the fastest car for the least money, but forgetting about other issues such as build quality. If you have an option of picking any car from either a Farrari range or a Hyundai or Kia range, which will you take? Assuming there both going for free? For that matter, assuming you have 90,000 money put away for a car, will you buy a nice car wiht an established name where ur paying half the price for the badge etc, or would u say hell wiht it, i can buy a Hyundai Grandeur and spend 50 grand on it and itll smash any Benz? Will u buy a ferrari iven teh funds, or will you say hell with it, ill buy a ki rio and spend 300,000 on it, and ill kill teh ferrari? What if i say that ur vette costs 100,000, ill buy a hyundai tubiron and spend 60,000 on itand it will no doubt beat the vette in every way? If two men decide to work in their home garage, and decide to bend metal spray around and use some old parts to build cars, on a 20,000 budget, how good will the car be? Moral to this? Companies who have established reputations have moreexperience in what they are doing, they have better opportunities in research and development, have access to better materials, and expertise. This is why companies like this tend to do the little things to create a car which is better in the little areas that you DONT see, but that really count. Quality, comfort, safety, reliability, fit and finish, style, and the pride of owning such a vehicle. People have bought old minis and put V8's in them, and they have a beast..but think about the last things i mentioned in that regard. Compare a top line hyundai (Grandeur) to a bottom line Merc (A-class) in terms or safety and crash ratings. Who will win? the merc is actually cheaper. Compare the realiability of the two. Compare the quality, then the comfort. How about fuel economy, and service? Hell, an A-class probably handles better too !! Honestly, does this not show that a name is more then just a name? I can assure that at least in the areas of safety and reliability the bottom model mercedes is a better car then a Grandeur. You may not get as much for your money, but as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". In teh Hyundai youll get the littel extras like power seats and leather, the bragging things, but in the benz you get the knowledge that your in a world class car, no matter what model it is. You KNOW your safe, you know you car wil probably last you forever. You FEEL different. On the surface, you get more car for your money with the Hyundai, but under the surface, do you? Brand DOES matter, and more then soem people this. This is a drastic comparison, and although comparisons between a vette and a SLR might seem dramatically different, is it really? You have to ask youself WHY does the SLR cost so much. a Badg doesnt add 100,000. Mercedes have to compete as much as any other company on price. If they could afford to sell their cars 30,000 cheaper and undercut cometitors (i.e. BMW, Audi) by that much do you think they wouldnt do it? For the huge etra sales they would make? The Extra money put into research, development and testing, and making sure that the finished product is top quality in almost every way, is what cost so much more, and is the result which is reflected in the High price. You DO get what you pay for..almost always. :>
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    Wait.....Im confused? Im sure this car would beat the Z06 in top speed but the 0-60 times arent comparable. The Z06 is .4 secs faster.
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    you are STUPID:>
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    the SLR is obvioulsy FASTER, more reliable, more confortable, more stylish, more exclusive and elegant...
    Its just a WAY better car.
    worth the money as much as a Z06
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    just to tell you all the SLR costs about 13 time more than the z06. I looked at 5 forums on this car and the all say it is coming out at a starting price of 750,000. SO i have know clue why you are comparing the z06 to the SLR. The SLR is in copletely different leuge. THe SLR are is soo high tech that the only other place you will find its technology is in a spacecraft
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    A tuned up Nissan Skyline GT-R34 would rip any car on the street even the shitty ass Corvette, and you will spend less money to tune it up including the veichle price then buying shitt ass Corvette.
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    I dont know what to say about this thread<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/confused.gif"></A>
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    you guys are just sad because an American Car beat your big bag Merc
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    yes... we know that mercedes benz sucks ass... chevy rox ... GO Vipers! yeeeha! redneck power! mustang 4eva!
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    ignorant, its not always about 0-6o times,,,
    this cas is 10 times better on highways, over 80km/h, and has higher high speeds, it 1000 times better good looking, 10000 times more technologically advanced , and 100000 times more reliable than any corvette!

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    Okay well you were trying to criticize the people who make those kinds of forums and by bringing that up, you stupidly just made one. there wasnt even any point of saying that but you just had to to try and be funny or something, and then, by posting this thread you just made one. what a stupid person.
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    shut up bimmer lover
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    9.4 in the 1/4 mile?! Heh, it's great that you think that, but it's wrong. 9.4 is the race version of the CLK GTR which weighs only about 2200lbs and goes 0-60 in far less than 3.8.
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    its actually 450K $
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    where did u see that ?
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    huh ?
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    no actually the 2003 model that is going to be released this year costs about 750,000
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    Who ever started this thing is an idiot. The Vision SLR is only a concept and according to Mercedes and McLaren, this car car is being built to rival the legendary F1 and will cost somewhere in the range of $600,000 to $800,000, and comparing a car that is made to top the million dollar McLaren F1 is pointless besides I don't think any of the dumbasses in this forum bashing the Vette have an extra 700 grand they can throw around, so suck it up and realize that a Vette is one the best cars around for the money, and for those bashing the Viper, you think the Merc can spin it's tires in 5th gear, not a chance. Though I don't want my point to be lost the Vision is still an awesome car, but show love for the Vettes and Vipers.
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    Why would Mclaren build (or help build) a car in an attempt to dethrone their own car? Even if they were, a car with 557hp and weighing 3000lbs is certainly not going to do it. This car is MUCH better than any Vette or Viper, although Mercedes have been having certain quality issues as of late. I think the input of Mclaren will offer improved results<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    Hi there, there is no doupt that the Z06 is a super car, BUT it is not comparable to the SLR. I am surprised that you are completing this discussion and i am more surprised that there are some guys think the Z06 is better!!!!!!!
    Look, the SLR is the best car on earth till this moment.
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    I don't see how you can name something "the best car on earth" when it isn't finished yet...
  25. you see my point?

    when I first saw this car it struck me that it looked like an ape...

    Or what do you people think? I think the front of the SLR looks a lot like the Proboscis Monkey:

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