Ok! who's hotter?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by superserge, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. I'll just have both at the same time please. I don't want to choose until I see them both with each other.
  2. mila only cause my mother is from kiev
  6. anal sex addict option
  7. That first pick of Olga is win enough for this thread.
  8. yeah that was gay, sorry 'bout that
  9. 3rd pic is omg
  10. I voted Mila, but its freakin hard. I think it more which girl your feeling more an a day to day basis.
  11. OUCH, that's hot
  12. what the #$%# happened to the results?
  13. Olga by a long shot, I don't think Mila is pretty at all, even by normal, non-celebrity standards.
  14. Holy shit Olga, I just changed my vote.
  15. I dont know ... tie .. mila was so hot in saving sarah somethingarather I wanted to beat off in the movie theater
  16. mila kunis really isn't that pretty or whatever/she's hot as hell though/she was only like 14 at the start of that 70s show/wheres exer?
  17. olga but she must be a man, neither james bond or max payne want to #$%# her
  18. I don't think she's pretty by celebrity or make-a-thread-with-hand-on-dick standards, but she's still a knock out.

    also, she and her coked out posse berated my ex girlfriend in an LA mall because she wouldn't give up her seat in some department store. lul
  19. Bond wanted to, but got a fat rejection.
  20. seat in department store? wat?

    Eh, I don't know. I've never really watched any production they've been in and neither really stand out to me. I think the posted pictures of Olga are better, but I don't much like her face. Her face reminds me of someone else.
  21. you guys are retards. mila is the hottest. EVER.
  22. Olga by 10 #$%#ing miles.
  23. yeah like a bench outside of a dressing room or something
  24. pics of someone else plz ;_;

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