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  1. I dont know anything about Hondas but i'm going to pick up an 89si as a winter car for like $400. anything to look out for mechanically?
  2. oh yeah right
    *rolls eyes*
    weve been here before
    hows that 300zx treating you
  3. i sold it a week later for profit
  4. Should of bought a 944.
  5. might as well make a nice pile of money and light it on fire
  6. you saw the news about that guy that was trading stuff on craiglist, that started with an old phone and after 2 years of trades he got a 2000 Boxster?

    pretty cool
  7. back on topic plz!
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  9. what

    you sold the 300 already?
  10. i buy cars, fix them up and make them look pretty, and sell for profit
  11. winter car? that's like the worst choice.

    Unless if you refer to USA#1-like winters, i.e. 1 inch of snow max.
  12. youre like the ed china of the usa
  13. just check the underside make sure it's in good shape, cold start it and smell the exhaust for any oil/coolant because valve seals/rings and headgaskets usually go from idiots beating on the cars
  14. I'd also suggest tasting the Prestone for proper mixture
  15. it's a better choice than my open-diff rwd nissan

    just put snow tires on a honda and they cut right through it
  16. I started with a $600 car 2 years ago, and now have an $8k and a $3k car. only spent like 3k in repairs and through partial trades so far
  17. yeah I have good snows on my '91 dx and it's not a problem, just brake early and all that. fun to slide though, lift off oversteer is awesome
  18. 5 years away from buying a house or llama!
  19. I used to do the same thing when I was younger.

    look out for rust. as you should know most of those POS' rotted into the ground years ago.

    also if you find a completely original CRX I'd keep it and put it in a barn somewhere. I have a sneaking suspicion that in 15 to 20 years time that will be a collector car.
  20. second finding the original condition one
    in fact, if you do let me know and i'll give you a swap that'll make you money

    you pay shipping
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    pretty stock just has a supercharger
  23. i love these cars
  24. They used to be driven by ricers over here but even they don't want them any more now.
  25. curbsiders unite!

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