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  1. You should fix it up, sell it for a profit, and use that profit to buy an old as Subaru AWD instead. I don't remember where you live, but whether it snows there or just rains a Scooby would be vastly superior for a winter beater car.
  2. subaru clutches scare him.
  3. What happened? Why did ricers lose their good taste?
  5. the crx is an historic car, and its very nice.......
  6. They seem to like small French hatchbacks now.
  7. Ricers in Europe have good taste in cars.
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  9. I own a JDM 1989 crx SI has 220xxx km on it now. It has the moonroof. Problems with these cars are rust, and mine blows a bit of smoke and chews a bit of oil. Cheap on gas and goes pretty fast. Its a coffin on wheels.
  10. Eclipse GSX then? The Eclipses hold up well if you don't beat 'em hard. Plus I've always been a DSM fanboi since way back.
  11. lol NO

  12. FAGGOT. DSMs rock.
  13. link us to a streetfire video of a dsm taking on a supra from a roll
  14. LOL DSMs.
  15. yeah crx used to be ricer cars, hardly ever see them anymore.

    i still see golf1/2/3 riced out and first gen audi a3. those are the most common here i think.
  16. I saw a terrible riced Protege yesterday. Body kit to the ground, huge exhaust, massive wing that was almost as tall as the room, carbon fiber hood, Pep Boys rims.

    A huge chunk of the bumper was missing and, of course, it was an automatic.

    In general ricing has kind of died out, but I noticed that Mexicans have started doing it. I have to drive through the (suddenly, they came out of nowhere, well Mexico) Mexican portion of town to work and it's all riced out Civics and 240s everywhere.
  17. I wouldn't touch it if it had rust.

    Mechanical can be fixed or replaced but your chassis is really hard to replace.
  18. hence "winter" car, it's gunna get rusty anyways and i'm not gunna put money into fixing anything
  19. Because that's fair? A Supra has a 6 cylinder, and came from the factory with 50 percent more power. Obviously the Supra is a superior drag car, and maybe even better in other areas when tuned too.

    I'm just an AWD fanboi, and since the DSMs were practically the only AWD Turbo cars widely available in the US when I was a youngin' I love them. Plus, they really are quite capable when properly tuned. The 4G63T is one hell of a 4 cylinder.
  20. I'm sorry but Eclipses are for girls.
  21. and fAggots that wear their hats crooked
  22. No.

    The whole thing amongst DSM fans is that the 2nd Gen Eclipses are gay... But 1st Gens were very impressive cars in their time. Not that attractive looking nowadays, but name a better car of that type from the late 80s/early 90s. Japan arguably had some, but it's hard to beat in the US market.
  23. Ford Mustang? We're not exactly talking about a balanced and agile sports car here. This is the Eclipse and all generations are for girls and toolbags.
  24. the 5.7 IROC cameros were probably better too
  25. If you pulled up in one, your buddies would chuckle and then nod approvingly, then you would go cruising. If you pulled up in an Eclipse, anyone would ask you what happened that you ended up in this car.

    "Oh it's a dsm, it's turb..."

    "Yeah, cool buddy."

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