Old Navy TV ads

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by catphish, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. Are wearing out the mute button on my remote.
  2. i hate those ads with a passion, every time they come on i change the channal...
  3. I will never buy anything from Old Navy ever.
  4. I don't get them. It seems like they just must be tongue in cheek, but if you take them as a joke, they #$%#ing suck. I hate them. And they're on so damn much, too.
  5. they are annoying, but i find the blonde attractive
  6. Those ads blow, but the deals are addictive.
  7. Most tv commercials are annoying so i'm pretty much used to the crap they do to sell things. The occaisional good commercial does come out though, making me feel good about the fact that I don't get up to do something during commercial breaks.
  8. I wish I could mute your posts.
  9. Between Old Navy ads and commercials for "Flight of the Pheonix", I find myself watching far less TV lately.

    "How screwed are we?"
    "Pretty screwed."

    Yeah, gotta love the machoness.
  10. I invented the Television.
  11. how about...

    john basdow
    metal detector
  12. Ohh, feel the love!
  13. how about..

    james bond
  14. the ads worked, we are talking about them
  15. they only work if we go buy their products
  16. You have a good point, no matter how annoying they did do their job and got us talking. For good or bad.
  17. That is going to be the lamest movie ever.

    Anything with any sort of hip hop context is by default lame.
  18. i buy clothes every 3 or 4 years, all at once, i just did that last week, and i bought the majority of them at old navy... i saw the annoying comericails and noticed that they actually do have really good deals, i hot three nice shirts and two pairs of jeans for 50$ and 10$ off my next artical of clothing...

    so yeah the advertising still works, even if it is annoying...
  19. I was expecting to see an "I want you" poster....
  20. The blonde chick is so #$%#ing hot though. I wanna rail her and buy a fleece for 14.99.
  21. I think that Old Navy porn would go over well.
  22. id buy it
  23. The black girl on the right side can join in too, for a fierce threesome.
  24. I like their cloths but yeah the commercials suck. But some of the chicks in them are pretty hot.
  25. The commercials make me have a seizure.

    And I'm trying to wonder why the people being sung to arent pissed off all the time? "OK, so you got some fleece to sell me? Great...now how the #$%# did you get in my house?"

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