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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by yh125d, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Does anyone remember what that old game built in for earlier windows OS's that had a mouse trying to trap a cat was called?
  2. Today is your lucky day because I just downloaded this game a few days ago. Hold on...
  3. Chips Challenge.

    Is not what it's called, but you should be looking for that instead.
  4. SkiFree was Windows' only redeeming quality.
  5. that game was the shit
  6. I just downloaded ski free. Its awesome!!!
  7. redcat?
  8. I just read the wikipedia article for ski free and found out that you can turn dead tree stumps into mushrooms by walking uphill over them, set dead trees on fire by jumping over them, and find trees with feet. I never knew that. You can also make the dogs get angry and pee if you run over the same one twice.
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  10. That's an awesome game.
  12. Damn, I didn't remember that game. Now I do though. Awesome, thanks.

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