Oldest person to lap Brans Hatch (107)

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    I bet your Gran couldn’t go faster than this Kent veteran – especially in a 400bhp BMW M3 coupe.

    Adrenaline-junkie Dulcibella King-Hall wanted to celebrate her birthday in style, and in true petrolhead fashion, headed straight for Brands Hatch and the sensational new BMW M3 coupe.

    But Miss King-Hall – who has always had a love of cars since the Second World War – turned 107 last Saturday, making her the oldest person to complete a lap at Brands.

    And despite her advanced years, Miss King-Hall was well up for it, saying “why shouldn’t I? Don’t you like it? I have a driving licence. I can drive any vehicle.

    “I like the feeling of the vehicle going vroom.”

    After hitting a 108mph top speed going into Paddock Bend, she gamely joked that her four laps of the famous 1.6-mile course “could have been faster”.


  2. awesome that she actually hit 108mph.

    I was opening this thread and expecting to read that she just pussy footed around the whole thing in like 9 mins.
  3. I was hoping she was the one driving
  4. oh shit i was lied to!
  5. "I have a driving licence. I can drive any vehicle."

    but the pics dont show her driving


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