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  1. i know this post shouldnt be in this forum, but why dont they get any 442's or cutlass' in this website? they are way underrated, and olds made the biggest cubic inch engine of all the muscle cars. the 455. let me tell you, in every muscle car, 20-60 mph is a BIGGG rush, cant feel that in any cars today.<!-- Signature -->
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    Find the info and good pics and send them to Owen - if the info is accurate (original 1969 magazines), he'll load it into the site, I'm sure.

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    oldsmobiles are cool<!-- Signature -->
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    if i couldn't have an old Mopar or a new Porsche i would take an Oldsmobile 442 any day. they should definetly be on this site. The cutlass was pretty cool to. and the Hurst/Olds.
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    Yea, but no one really cared about a bigger engine after the power Chevy was pulling from 427 LS-1 and L88, Dodge from their 426 Hemi, and Ford from their 427 SOHC and Boss Nines.

    Why screw it up if its kickin ass?

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    Actually, Pontiac had the 455 first, and they didn't have the power a hemi had, or the 427 Chev. An Olds 442 is nice, but I never understood that they produced 442's that didn't have 4-4-2 option...

    For all who don't know, 442 really stands for:
    4 barrel
    4 speed
    2 exhaust.

    How many 2- barrel automatic's have you seen? As many as I have...<!-- Signature -->
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    sorry to rain down upon your happy little thinking, but the largest stock engine every produced straight from a factory for road use was a 502 cubic inch engine from cadiallac. and also ford's pride and joy for racing wasnt the 427, or the 428, or the 429, it was the hi-po 289. they put it on the GT40, the cobra coupes raced with it, and it could kill any vette out there. high displacement motors are not everything but in some cases they do help. even doodge didnt race the 426 hemi's or the 440 in racing except drag racing, because they used the 340 and smetimes the 383 becasue it is hard to cool a 426 hemi!
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    the 442 is sweet<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah man alot of people dont know what theyre talking about, the ford had a 429, and chevy had a 427. The 455 was huge, but you couldnt get as much power out of it as a 454 or a 427 by chevy because they werent as rare and had more options for high efficiency. I personally like the HEMI and it is a great car but the 383 BB by chrysler could get some horses out of it if you just knew waht you were doing. It seems wierd that they only have one cuda on here, and even wierder that they dont heven have the 4-4-2 or the Hurst. but youve gotta say that Mopar had it all in the muscle era, even though chevy was pretty close behind<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Bigblockbrawler426Hemistage8</i>
    <b>the 442 with w30 or w33 engine, that is ok!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->They are the best Olds ever produce.<!-- Signature -->
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    yes . but unfortunately ols doesn't exist anymore what a pity!<!-- Signature -->
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    Dodge used the hemi in nascar.
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    and it equipped the winged warriors daytona and superbird!
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    4- 400 4- 4 BARREL 2 DUAL EXAUGHST
    I PROUDLY OWN A 1965 442
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    4- 400 4- 4 BARREL 2 DUAL EXAUGHST
    I PROUDLY OWN A 1965 442
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    nice car, i like the 442.
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    The 383 was the work engine for Dodge. Many people misunderstood the potential it had. Im a Mopar guy through and through. Not a day goes bye when i remember back to the old days. Serously, i almost shed a tear. Such a fun time back then. But yea..... 383's were great engines. HaHa, if ya even come to Nothern Ohio and see a B5 Blue 69 Bee, ill show ya what a 383 can do! LOL, Then Ill bust out my DART! GO MOPAR!

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